MLB: Fantasy Spin Cycle

Fantasy players prepare to make the final push this season.

Fantasy players prepare to make the final push this season.


By Bruce Herman

September 13, 2010

Leaders and Losers


Last 7 Days

Last 30 Days

Last Year


Vladmir Guerrero-.500

Paul Konerko-.412

Josh Hamilton-.358


Emilio Bonifacio-.483

Hideki Matsui-.400

Omar Infante-.344


R. Hernandez,

N. McLouth-.467

Carlos Gonzalez-.396

Joey Votto-.338


Emilio Bonifacio-9

Austin Jackson-29

Mark Teixeira-116


Troy Tulowitzki-9

Omar Infante-26

Martin Prado-116


S. Victorino, N. Cruz-8

several with-25

Joey Votto-114


Troy Tulowitzki-6

Albert Pujols-10

Jose Bautista-54


Mike Stanton-5

Russ Branyan-10

Albert Pujols-39


Albert Pujols-4

Jose Bautista-10

Miguel Cabrera-39


Ryan Howard-11

Evan Longoria-26

Miguel Cabrera-131


Troy Tulowitzki-11

Paul Konerko-26

Jose Bautista-128


B. Zobrist, B. Pena-9

Hunter Pence-25

Ryan Howard-123


Coco Crisp-7

Coco Crisp-14

Juan Pierre-59


Shane Victorino-5

Eric Young Jr.-12

Michael Bourn-57


Michael Bourn-4

Juan Pierre-11

Rajai Davis-49






Ryan Theriot-.000

Michael Saunders-.120

Mark Reynolds-.200


Bill Hall-.059

Matt LaPorta-.137

Carlos Pena-.202


C. Denorfia,

P. Sandoval-.067

Felipe Lopez-.145

Gerald Laird-.214


Shin-Soo Choo-0 in 26 ABs

Erick Aybar-4 in 89 ABs

Willy Aybar-24 in 317 ABs


Chase Headley-0 in 26 ABs

Travis Snider-4 in 85 ABs

Josh Wilson-26 in 369 ABs


several with-0 in 22 ABs

Jose Guillen-4 in 81 ABs

Jayson Nix-29 in 301 ABs


Michael Young-0 in 32 ABs

Juan Pierre-0 in 120 ABs

Elvin Andrus-0 in 602 ABs


Michael Brantley-0 in 31 ABs

Placido Polanco-0 in 116 ABs

Nyjer Morgan-0 in 474 ABs


Juan Pierre-0 in 31 ABs

Chone Figgins-0 in 108 ABs

Jamey Carroll-0 in 385 ABs


Michael Brantley-0 in 31 ABs

Erick Aybar-1 in 89 ABs

Mike Aviles-19 in 336 ABs


Andres Torres-0 in 27 ABs

Trevor Crowe-1 in 76 ABs

Luis Castillo-21 in 309 ABs


several with-0 in 26 ABs

Mike Lowell-2 in 75 ABs

Ramon Santiago-22 in 342 ABs


many with-0

many with-0

Mark Teixeira-0 in 600 ABs




Billy Butler-0 in 594 ABs




Adrian Gonzalez-0 in 589 ABs



Last 7 Days

Last 30 Days

Last Year


Ian Kennedy-0 in 14 IP

Felix Hernandez-1.04

Brian Duensing-2.19


Fausto Carmona-0 in 9 IP

Carlos Zambrano-1.35

Roy Halladay-2.29


Nick Blackburn-0 in 8 IP

Clayton Richard-1.39

Felix Hernandez-2.32


S. Casilla, R. Oswalt,

Ervin Santana-5

CC Sabathia-22


B. Anderson, T. Lincecum,

Carlos Zambrano-5

Roy Halladay-21


J. Verlander-2

Roy Oswalt-5

D, Price, U. Jimenez-20


Tim Lincecum-20

Felix Hernandez-49

Felix Hernandez-243


Justin Verlander-18

Mat Latos-49

Tim Lincecum-236


U. Jimenez, W. Rodriguez-16

Tim Lincecum-45

Justin Verlander-229


many with-3

Brandon Lyon-12

Brian Wilson-46



Carlos Marmol-11

Rafael Soriano-45



R. Soriano, H. Street-10

Heath Bell-45






Clay Buchholz-45.00

Kevin Correia-9.00

Brian Bannister-6.32


Zach Duke-36.00

Barry Zito-8.87

R. Rowland-Smith-6.15


Brett Cecil-31.50

Kyle Lohse-8.75

Jeff Suppan-6.00


many with-0

Paul Maholm-0 in 6 GS

Ross Ohlendorf-1 in 22 GS



Barry Zito-0 in 6 GS

R. Rowland-Smith-3 in 23 GS



several with-0 in 5 GS

Jeff Karstens-4 in 22 GS


many with-0

Kyle Kendrick-2.8 per 9 IP

R. Rowland-Smith-3.5 per 9 IP



Carl Pavano-3.4 per 9 IP

Nick Blackburn-4.0 per 9 IP



Barry Enright-3.4 per 9 IP

M. Buehrle,

A. Cook-4.2 per 9 IP


many with-0

many with-0

Pedro Feliciano-0 in 89 G




Darren O’Day-0 in 77 G




Todd Coffey-0 in 73 G


Double Play

Two players you should claim off your league’s free agent list TODAY:

·Clay Hensley, CL, Marlins: It took Hensley until his 30th birthday to stop emasculating his stuff with all the walks, but he’s done so this year. The Marlins have been more than a month tardy in giving him the ball in the ninth inning considering how bad Leo Nunez has been. They finally did last week and Clay cruised to three straight saves.

·Kyle Davies, SP, Royals: Davies has always been one of my favorite underachievers. Great of stuff and bereft of command, he’s on the most consistent roll of his career right now: three of fewer earned runs in 11 of his last 13 starts. His final four assignments will come against the beatable Indians and Tigers, followed by Twins and Rays teams that likely are going to be fielding depleted lineups with playoff appearances secured.


Double Cut

Two players it’s time to cut loose or deal:

·John Jay, OF, Cardinals: Jay’s run has run its course, and the Cardinals are taking heat for trading Ryan Ludwick. After batting .400 in his first 110 major league at-bats, he’s done .242 with one homer since July 31, and his error likely cost his team a game Friday night. Turns out his upside is what we thought it to be all along: Ryan Sweeney (if he’s lucky).

·Rick Ankiel, OF, Braves: A wasted acquisition for Atlanta, as they’ve abandoned him altogether. Strikeouts in nine straight at-bats will do that. Instead, the Braves are going with the semi-hot hand in Nate McLouth (8 for 18 in his last six games).


Trauma Center

Updates on the injury status of key players.  A condition of Fair or better implies a roughly 50-50 chance of the player returning to action sometime this week.


Johan Santana, SP, Mets (shoulder)

Aaron Cook, SP, Rockies (leg)

Andres Torres, OF, Giants (appendix)


Josh Hamilton, OF, Rangers (ribs)


Josh Johnson, SP, Marlins (back, shoulder)

Bobby Jenks, CL, White Sox (forearm)

Joel Pineiro, SP, Angels (oblique)

Jerry Hairston Jr., UT, Padres (elbow)

Freddy Garcia, SP, White Sox (back)

Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B, A’s (back)

Nick Swisher, OF, Yankees (knee)

Chris Iannetta, C, Rockies (calf)


Edwin Encarnacion, 3B, Blue Jays (wrist)

Jimmy Rollins, SS, Phillies (hamstring)

Aramis Ramirez, 3B, Cubs (quad)

Brett Gardner, OF, Yankees (wrist)

Chris Getz, 2B, Royals (head)

Jose Valverde, CL, Tigers (elbow)

Chris Johnson, 3B, Astros (back)

Felipe Paulino P, Astros (shoulder)


Nick Punto, IF, Twins (hamstring)

Jim Edmonds, OF, Reds (oblique)

Mike Leake, RP, Reds (shoulder)

Brian Fuentes, RP, Angels (back)

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