Launch Zone Tip: Ball, Tee or Ground?

Where Does Your Driver Make Contact?

Where Does Your Driver Make Contact?

Golf Tip: You’re standing on the tee with the driver in your hand with the ball teed up nicely. So which one — ball, tee or ground — are you going to hit? I always ask my students which one they plan to hit, and they say “The ball, of course.” I then ask them, “So why do you hit all three?” 
Too often, on a tee shot, the player sends the tee flying and the dirt spraying.
Instead, the ideal way to hit a tee shot is to leave the tee in the ground and sweep the ball off the top of the tee. 
Do how do you do that? Very simple: Don’t sole your driver at address. Put the driver head where the ball is and start from there. Make sure the sweet spot of the club is level with the ball when you’re at address. That way, you don’t have to lift it up or drop it down to get the clubhead to where the ball is. Look at the second photo - the driver’s sweet spot is matched up perfectly with the ball.

Craig Shankland is Senior Instructor, LPGA International Golf Club, Daytona Beach, Fla., and Director of Instruction, The Maroon Creek Club, Aspen, Colo. Craig was the 2001 PGA Teacher of the Year in the U.S. He's recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s 50 Greatest Teachers, and annually in Golf Magazine’s Top 100.

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