No. 3 Tiger Woods

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golfer Countdown

BORN: Dec. 30, 1975, Cypress, Calif.


2010 PGA TOUR EARNINGS: $1,294,765

WORLD GOLF RANKING: 3 (as of Feb. 21, 2011)

GOLF CHANNEL’S BRANDEL CHAMBLEE GIVES HIS TAKE: Tiger Woods’ setbacks in 2010 will very likely hobble him for the rest of his career and could cost him achieving the one goal he has had since childhood — breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. In addition to the well-documented off-the-course troubles, he sustained an offseason injury to his Achilles tendon and has once again decided to change his swing. The two other times Tiger changed his swing, he failed to win a major the following year. Still, even in his attenuated state, he has the best golf mind in the game and is, for the first time in his career, playing with something to prove. Winless in 2010, Tiger is not only trying to snap that streak, but he is also trying to quiet the critics and regain his intimidation. Woods is close enough to Jack’s record that if he has a choking point, we will all know it soon.

THE CASE FOR NO. 1: He’s Tiger Woods; enough said. The man with 14 major championship wins and 70-plus PGA Tour victories has earned the benefit of the doubt, and with top-four finishes in three of his last five majors, he doesn’t need much of that. Woods is rejuvenated and hungry to reclaim his throne, and he’s especially anxious to confound the naysayers who have written off his quest to surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 career majors. Watch Tiger at the Masters, where he scraped together a top-four finish in 2010 despite lacking his A-game.

CAREER PGA TOUR STATS (through Feb. 21, 2011)

  • Events — 266
  • Cuts — 250
  • 1st — 71
  • 2nd — 27
  • 3rd — 17
  • T10 — 166
  • T25 — 219
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