No. 5: Phil Mickelson

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golfer Countdown

BORN: June 16, 1970, San Diego, Calif.


2010 PGA TOUR EARNINGS: $3,821,733

WORLD GOLF RANKING: 4 (as of Feb. 19, 2011)

GOLF CHANNEL’S BRANDEL CHAMBLEE GIVES HIS TAKE: For the first time in seven years, Phil failed to win multiple tournaments in 2010, and in August we found out that he had psoriatic arthritis, a condition that could cut his Hall of Fame career short. Phil, in typical sanguine fashion, said the prognosis was good, but this affliction is very often tricky to treat and for most is a lifelong problem. The diagnosis raises questions, not only about 2011, but also for the rest of Phil’s career. Still, if one had never seen or heard of Phil Mickelson and saw only the 28 minutes that he played holes 13-15 on Saturday at Augusta (eagle-eagle-birdie) they would know he was one of the greatest, most charismatic players of all time. If healthy, he could finally be the No. 1 player in the world at year’s end.

CAREER PGA TOUR STATS (as of Feb. 19, 2011)

  • Events — 426
  • Cuts — 354
  • 1st — 38
  • 2nd — 24
  • 3rd — 21
  • T10 — 153
  • T25 — 235
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