No. 6: Paul Casey

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golfer Countdown

BORN: July 21, 1977, Cheltenham, England


2010 PGA TOUR EARNINGS: $3,613,194

WORLD GOLF RANKING: 6 (as of Feb. 18, 2011)

GOLF CHANNEL’S BRANDEL CHAMBLEE GIVES HIS TAKE: Paul Casey’s No. 3 world ranking at one point during 2009 had some onlookers scoffing because of his dearth of success in the game’s biggest events and his inability to post a good number on major championship Sundays. His ranking had fallen to eighth in the world at the end of 2010. But rankings aside, Casey has become a much-improved player in the last year and is poised for his biggest year ever in 2011. His effortless length, a one-way miss (to the right) that widens the fairway and allows him to play without fear, his high ball flight and massively improved putting make him a threat in any event.

CAREER PGA TOUR STATS (as of Feb. 18, 2011)

  • Events — 103
  • Cuts — 73
  • 1st — 1
  • 2nd — 3
  • 3rd — 1
  • T10 — 23
  • T25 — 46
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