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Chicago stays atop Power Rankings as Playoffs reach second round

Chicago stays atop Power Rankings as Playoffs reach second round

Athlon Sports NBA Power Rankings — Second Round

1. Chicago — The series win over Indiana might not have looked pretty, but when does anything ever look pretty in the Eastern Conference?

2. Miami — Powered past Philadelphia and now LeBron gets another shot at Boston. But the already depth-lacking Heat probably won't get much use out of Mike Miller or Udonis Haslem due to injuries.

3. Los Angeles Lakers — Kobe's got the twisted ankle, but he's also got the front line of Gasol, Bynum and Odom to back him up.

4. Dallas — The Mavs advanced into the second but get L.A. as their reward. They beefed up size in the offseason with the addition of Tyson Chandler. He scored 6.5 points and collected 9.5 boards a game in the first round and that was against one guy. What will Dallas' answer be against the Lakers' size?

5. Oklahoma City — Kevin Durant is a bad, bad man. Just get him the ball and anything can happen. The Thunder are into the second round but are getting a Memphis team that is riding an equal high.

6. Boston — Were the only team to post a sweep in the first round, but do the Knicks count? The Celtics have to get another solid series from Jermaine O'Neal and figure out a way to stop Miami's Big Three, which are actually playing as advertised now.

7. Memphis — Beale Street was certainly rocking Friday night as the Grizzlies won their first-ever playoff series and knocked off the West's top-seeded Spurs in the process. Memphis is probably the most confident team of the eight left in the playoffs as it plays with house money now.

8. Atlanta — Got to give the Hawks a lot of credit for being able to close out the series after the beat down Orlando gave them just one game earlier. Atlanta was certainly the benefactor of a terrible shooting performance by the Magic nearly all series long, and I don't see that happening two times in a row.

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