Start Santana Moss with confidence against Patriots

Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss has been back from his hand injury for two weeks now and been relatively quiet. That should change against the New England Patriots in Week 14.

Moss has games of 5.9 and 7.7 against the Seahawks and Jets in his first two games back — both top-11 defenses against fantasy receivers. Now the Redskins play host to the worst team against fantasy receivers in the league when the Patriots come to town.

Moss has been targeted 19 times in his two games back — six more than Jabar Gaffney. He started off the season strong against bad pass defenses like the Giants, Cardinals and Rams in the first four weeks of the season with three double-digit games. He has not had a game above last week’s 7.7 since Week 4’s 12.4 against the Rams.

The Patriots have been terrible all season against receivers, and particularly bad six of the last seven games. At least two receivers in the last four games have collected a minimum of 67 yards.

Week 13 — Colts: Pierre Garcon (9-150-2), Austin Collie (7-70) and Reggie Wayne (5-55)
Week 12 — Eagles: Jason Avant (8-110-1), DeSean Jackson (4-73) and Riley Cooper (3-71)
Week 11 — Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe (7-87) and Steve Breaston (6-73)
Week 10 — Jets: Santonio Holmes (6-93) and Jeremy Kerley (4-79)
Week 8 — Steelers: Antonio Brown (9-67-1), Mike Wallace (7-70) and Emmanuel Sanders (5-70)
Week 6 — Cowboys: Dez Bryant (4-78) and Miles Austin (7-74)

Only the Giants in Week 9 have not had two receivers gain at least 67 yards receiving since Week 5 (Victor Cruz, 6-91).

The 4-8 Redskins will be trailing just like the Colts, Eagles, Chiefs and Jets have the last four weeks, giving Moss and Grossman plenty of time to toss the ball around for garbage-time production. Plus, no Fred Davis at TE due to his four-game suspension and the threat of Roy Helu out of the backfield should mean for more opportunities for the Moss.

By Corby A. Yarbrough @Corby_Yarbrough on Twitter

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