NFL Draft Tweeting

Fantasy football, the draft and 140 characters

Fantasy football, the draft and 140 characters

After spending three days behind a computer screen, Tweeting to my heart's content about the NFL Draft and how I think it affects the world of fantasy football, I have compiled for you and your reading pleasure the three days that were in the world of @AthlonCorby on Twitter and the NFL Draft.

Check back to for NFL Draft grades and fantasy football winners and losers this week.

• DAY 1 (Thursday) •

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft is over. I spent the first round glued to NFL Network, the Internet and Twitter and sent out the first thing that came to my mind in regards of the first 32 picks and how they will affect the 2011 fantasy football season.

Newton should shine for one year just as VY did. Then what? Steve Smith South poised for another bad year. NFL Draft fantasyfootball angle

Von Miller only helps a Broncos D that was league worst. More opportunities for Knowshon, Lloyd and Tebow/Orton. NFL Draft fantasyfootball

Just as Broncos needed Miller to make stops, Bills worst against run and needed Dareus to plug holes. Spells more possessions 4 BUF offense

A.J. Green to CIN is great but what about Gresham, Simpson, Shipley. Too many mouths to feed. Similar to GB NFL Draft fantasyfootball

DRC and Peterson as the Cardinals DBs. Yes, please!

Julio Jones, Roddy White, Matt Ryan. The new big three? Oh, and a not-so Burner Turner still in the backfield. NFL Draft fantasyfootball

In 2010 Locker at 8 would've been a steal for TEN. Can't throw him 2 the wolves so expect a veteran in the lineup NFL Draft fantasyfootball

Whether it be Barber, Felix or Romo, Smith bolsters a struggling OL from last year. NFL Draft fantasyfootball

Gabbert to JAX a good fit. What a throwback: High-draft QB can actually learn a bit behind Garrard. Not much fantasyfootball affect for 2011

J.J Watt a great pick for a terrible HOU defense. More fantasyfootball opportunities for an already potent Texans offense NFL Draft

So here's the interesting thing for a few of the top fantasyfootball RBs: Locker and Chris Johnson, Gabbert and MJD, Ponder and AP (AD).

The lives of AP, Grant/Starks & Forte just became even tougher with DET selection of Fairley to go w/Suh. WOW! fantasyfootball NFL Draft

Chris Long and Quinn now on the D ends for STL. Build up that D and get the offense healthy and the Rams R dangerous in a terrible division

So does Pouncey over Mallet mean MIA is taking another stab at Henne? Give him protection and another shot at it in 2011.

Why does WAS not draft Prince here? Better chance to rush the NFC E QBs and get to them or take Prince to stop the NFC E WRs fantasyfootball

Already the best D in the league (yards allowed per game), and now SD gets Liuget. Look out Run DMc, Charles and Knowshon

So WAS passes on Prince to shutdown all the great receivers in the NFC E. NYG says thanks and drafts Prince to do the same fantasy football

TB, CLE, NO beef up on the DL; IND, PHI, SEA bolster run game.

Bowe, Charles keep it up, Cassel stays solid & Baldwin can roll right in and be a great fantasyfootball find for KC in this year's NFL Draft

Ravens pass on 26 and come back to still get CB Smith to help a BAL D ranked 21st v the pass

Pierre, Reggie, Ivory & drafting Mark Ingram? An already diluted fantasyfootball offense for the Saints just became a little more confusing

Cutler cries tears of joy; the Bears actually decided 2 protect him. Improves fantasyfootball value 4 Cutler, Knox, Forte & maybe even Olsen

Jets, Steelers gets defensive guys they can use all over the line. Bolsters what are already two good fantasyfootball defenses to have

Super Bowl champions select OT Sherrod in the NFLDraft. Grant/Starks, Rodgers and the Packer offense rejoices

• DAY 2 (Friday) •

The second day of the 2011 NFL Draft is over. With streaming the Draft at the top left of my computer screen and Sirius NFL Radio blaring out of the speakers, I was hooked on the second day of the draft — which started way too early at 5 p.m. in the Central time zone and still should be a Saturday-Sunday affair, but I digress. Just as I did for Round 1, I spent the two rounds glued to NFL Network, Sirius NFL Radio, the Internet and Twitter and sent out the first thing that came to my mind in regards of the second day of drafting and how the picks made on Friday will affect the 2011 fantasy football season.

Completely agree RT @YahooNoise: Biggest fantasy winner in RD 1: Julio Jones. Could be 2011's Mike Williams… (cont)

B2B QBs from Bengals and 49ers; Dalton & Kaepernick each have solid WRs in Green and Crabtree and solid OLs #NFLDraft #fantasyfootball

Beanie experiment over already for Cardinals? VaTech stud Ryan Williams could make instant impact #NFLDraft #fantasyfootball

Titans 4-3 D that needs run stoppers goes with a 3-4 LB that tanked it at the Combine? Interesting #NFLDraft

Shiancoe shined 2 years ago and now Kyle Rudolph joins the Vikings. Ponder-Rudolph a nice young connection in 2011 #fantasyfootball?

Titus Young to Lions to join what is becoming a nice, nice DET team on both sides of the ball. #fantasyfootball

RT @RossTuckerNFL At some point you have to wonder if DaQuan Bowers' knee is so bad that maybe he shouldn't even play football. This is crazy. And sad.

Lance Kendricks pairs up w/Bradford, opens up road for SJax and continues tradition of solid Wisconsin TEs in the #NFLDraft #fantasyfootball

Another Wisniewski to the Raiders. Run DMc smiles and maybe Campbell can put together a complete #fantasyfootball season

Bucs loading up DL w/Clayborn & Bowers. Doing what Panthers should've done: Finding a way 2 catch the NFC S QBs #NFLDraft #fantasyfootball
RT @ProFootbalFocus Bucs have now gone D-line with their first 2 picks in back to back drafts.

Already 9th v the pass & 8th v the rush, Giants get even stronger with Austin #NFLDraft #fantasyfootball

NFL No. 1 rushing offense just got the top center on many people's board in Hudson

Third-down back in the second round in Vereen? We will see. Still would be cautious of Patriots backs come #fantasyfootball season

More #fantasyfootball RBBC in Detroit as LeShoure joins Best for the Lions. Should make things better for Stafford, Megatron & Titus Young

As a Flacco dynasty #fantasyfootball owner, thank you Baltimore Ravens for giving him another weapon in Torrey Smith

Maybe Titans will get him and pair him with Locker, CJ and run the Wing-T RT @MattTaliaferro: @AthlonCorby What, no Randall Cobb?!?!?!

Someone has to shine in Cleveland in 2011, why not Greg Little since Hillis will be on Madden cover?

Three defensive picks in a row for Texans. Maybe a #fantasyfootball defense could finally catch up with HOU #fantasyfootball offense. Maybe

Chargers just drafted at 61 (Mouton) the first player not in Gil Brandt or Pat Kirwan's top 100

Thomas follows Pouncey as the Dolphins could be getting serious about this whole running game thing #NFLDraft #fantasyfootball
Steelers stocking both sides of the line is no surprise in that division

Packers offense just became even tougher to draft in #fantasyfootball w/ the addition of Cobb. Getting very Saints-ish up there in Titletown

RT @NFLDraftBible 2-64: #GreenBayPackers: Randall Cobb. Mr. Wildcat. Mr. Versatility. Mr. Everything. The new Hines Ward.

RT @EDSFootball With trades, #Redskins now have 11 picks in Rds 3-7: 79 (3rd); 127 (4th); 144, 146, 152 + 155 (5th); 177 (6th); 213, 217, 224 + 253 (7th).

MBIII done as a Cowboy? Now it's Murray/Jones show. More #fantasyfootball RBBC but Felix hasn't shown ability to be lead RB.

Mallet to the Patriots? Sure, why not.     

Vereeen, Ridley, Law Firm & Woodhead for the Patriots. Too many cooks in the kitchen yet again for the NE #fantasyfootball backfield
So what's WAS left w/@QB if McNabb is moved/released? Perhaps same thing their BAL neighbor did a few years ago by getting a Blue Hen

RT @AdamSchefter One front office execcutive said last week that Ryan Mallett was the top-rated quarterback on the Patriots draft board.

1st thing out of Tim Ryan, Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan's mouths is Titans latest pick DT Casey should've stayed at USC another year
Rams stock up WR corps w/ Boise's Pettis. Building up a solid offense in a weak division. Very #fantasyfootball friendly #NFLDraft thus far
Hankerson a good pairing with Armstrong and S. Moss in WAS ... if there is a QB there to get them the ball #fantasyfootball

Vincent Brown gets to stay in San Diego and join Floyd, VJax (maybe), Rivers and Mathews. Yes, please #fantasyfootball

[email protected] WesBunting Still shocked #Hampton DL Kenrick Ellis has not come off the board yet #NFLDRAFT
RT @Bryan_Fontaine There are tons of values at TE to be had at the top of Day 3: Virgil Green, Luke Stocker, DJ Williams, Jordan Cameron, Julius Thomas
NFL Radio crew 2 Mallet on 40-yd dash vs. Brady: "That's all y'all wanna talk about. We don't run, we throw the ball; we're quarterbacks."

RT @WesBunting Colts land DT who plays with BAD intentions | National Football Post via @wesbunting

Hampton Bigdog fills gap that Jenkins leaves on the Jets DL

Grant/Starks and now speedster Alex Green from Hawaii joins the Packers backfield.

Panthers bookend 3rd rd w/ D-linemen. Smart move to try & slow down solid QBs in NFC S. See if it pays off 2x in 3rd instead of once in 1st

• DAY 3 (Saturday) •

The NFL Draft is over :( and for the third straight day I was perched behind a computer — doing other work of course — listening to the Draft on Sirius and keeping a small pop up window in the corner of the computer screen. Four rounds and nearly eight hours of coverage on Saturday was certainly a good way to close out the month of April — just me, my TweetDeck, the NFL Draft and Athlon college football production.

RT @CFFGeek How will many college stars translate into NFL fantasy studs? I posted some thoughts on Twitter during tonight's...

[email protected] #141-PACKERS: TE DJ Williams, Arkansas. Planning for the future. JerMicahel Finley will be FA after next yr, Pack wont be able 2 afford him

Jacquizz Rodgers a #fantasyfootball PPR machine to the Falcons, a dependable handcuff for Turner maybe even more than that

Volunteer State goes B2B in #NFLDraft 6th round w/MTSU's Rod Issac, Tennessee's Denarius Moore & UTC's Buster Skrine went 6th in this round

Niles Paul, Roy Helu, Hankerson — #Redskins collecting offensive talent for a QB TBD

Andrew Luck's 2nd-favorite target Ryan Whalen heads to the Bengals to join a growing group of young WRs

Cowboys get a college #fantasyfootball stud in ECU WR Dwayne Harris. Can't wait to see how he translates to NFL game

Keep loading that offense up Redskins; Penn State RB Evan Royster and SMU WR & speedster Aldrick Robinson

RT @draftace surprised Derrick Locke is still on the board. explosive playmaker who add a new dimension to an offense

Athlon will tell him: RT @si_nba: Bulls' Rose says he hasn't been told if he's MVP

TE DJ Williams on Sirius: I got a little nervous when the phone rang, knew TEN picked just b4 GB & has an ex-GF in TEN. Happy it was Packers

Old Hickory Andrew Jackson just went to Atlanta. If he could have lasted 2 more picks he could have returned to Tennessee as a 7th rounder

Titans Rocker gets one of his former DL from Auburn — six rounds later, its Clayton sted of Fairley

Have listened 2 the NFLDraft for a long time on Sirius NFL Radio & 4 the 1st time ever, Gil Brandt doesn't know a draft pick: Shane Bannon.

RT @WesBunting #Jets get Mark Sanchez's boy WR Scotty Mcknight, lil slot guy who is quicker than fast and will catch football in traffic #NFLDRAFT

RT @NFLDraftBible #225-RAVENS: RB Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech. Big-time bruising back. Maybe the McClain train could be ridin out of town!

Eagles nab 2nd legacy linebacker. 1st it was Casey Matthews (the son, brother, nephew connection) and now Greg Lloyd's estranged son, Greg.

Mt. Juliet TN's Michael Jasper, a 6-5, 390 lineman from Bethel goes to Buffalo BIlls

Eagles nab 2nd legacy linebacker. 1st it was Casey Matthews (the son, brother, nephew connection) and now Greg Lloyd's estranged son, Greg.

Hope cancer survivor Mark Herzlich hears his name called before this #NFLDraft thing is over. Should not have lasted on the board this long.

Mr. Irrelevant is... Rice DE Cheta Ozougwo going to the #Texans with pick 254 to end the #NFLDraft. Boo on Mark Herzlich not being drafted

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