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Alvin Kamara: Fantasy Outlook 2019

Alvin Kamara: Fantasy Outlook 2019

Alvin Kamara: Fantasy Outlook 2019

As the 2019 fantasy football season nears, it's time to examine players who could make or break your fantasy team. Here's a look at New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara and his fantasy outlook for the season ahead.  

Fantasy Outlook

Kamara isn’t likely to reach the total workload of the three players ahead of him on this list, which is the only reason he’s fourth. His rushing work increased in Year 2, with Kamara even managing 12.5 carries per game after Mark Ingram returned from his four-week suspension. New Orleans swapped out Ingram for Latavius Murray, who is only 28 days younger than Ingram and similarly skilled. The Saints sported the fourth-most run-heavy offense in 2018.

Size: 5'10", 215
Age: 24 (when the season starts)
Bye Week: 9

Quick Take

Kamara should see a workload similar to last season’s and remain the top red zone weapon for a run-heavy offense that scores efficiently.

Expert Insight

What kind of workload are you expecting for Alvin Kamara with Mark Ingram gone?
Ingram was suspended for the first four games of last season, so Kamara owners have a good template for what to expect. Kamara averaged 22 touches a game during that stretch, and I would expect a very similar workload this season. If anything, it might actually increase a little since I don’t think backup Latavius Murray will command as prominent a role in the backfield as Ingram did the past two seasons.—Jeff Duncan, The Times-Picayune

Why Alvin Kamara Should Be the First Pick in Your Fantasy Football Draft
As we get deeper and deeper into the end of the 2010s, one thing that becomes extremely evident is that there is a clear separation of running back tiers. There are the ones who catch balls and carry 80 percent of the workload, and there are those who don’t. No. 1 is as simple as which of those backs you trust the most. My projection is based on safety. The best, most consistent offense among the top back pool is in New Orleans. Mark Ingram is gone, and Latavius Murray has never been the sort of back to grab a huge fantasy football workload. Thus, Kamara is where I’d head if I had the No. 1 pick. — Rivers McCown, Football Outsiders

Season Projections for 2019

199 carries, 1,015 yards, 10 rushing TDs; 87 receptions, 766 yards, 5 receiving TDs

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