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Beanie Wells Misses Practice With Hamstring Issue; Is He Startable? (Updated)

Update: Cardinals coach Ken Whisenthnt said on Friday that Beanie Wells will be a gametime decision this Sunday against the Seahawks. This is not good news, as Beanie was expected to be fine after tweaking his hamstring. The Cards play at 4:15 so most of your lineup will have to be set by the time his game starts. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere this week. Beanie may not be worth the headache against an already solid run defense.

For fantasy football owners, Beanie Wells was a feelgood story for the first two weeks of the NFL season. 

A much-maligned guy last year, he was a textbook draft-day steal. One of the few workhorse backs, he played through an injury last year, which explained his lack of production. When his only competition in the backfield, Ryan Williams, went down for the season, he was ripe to be an undervalued running back that savvy fantasy football owners targeted.

And he paid off for the first two weeks. He's been a workhorse who's piled up yards as well as a couple touchdowns. But after tweaking his hamstring in practice, coupled with the fact that the Cardinals are playing a Seahawks team that has a surprisingly stout run defense, is he worth a play this week, or should you turn to your backup?

The day after his hamstring injury was revealed, Beanie tweeted that he was OK, "I'm all good, I just needed to rest my wheels and maybe change a tire."

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I'm not exactly sure what that means (is he getting a prosthetic leg?), but it sounds good. But as we've seen with hamstring injuries, they can flare up once they've become a problem (just ask Arian Foster owners.)

Fantasy football is all about playing the percentages. You want to put the team in your starting lineup that has the best chance to win. The Seahawks are a bad team with a good run defense, which means the Cardinals will likely do much of their scoring through the air and will have a lead in the second half. 

That's probably the time that the Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt would opt to sit Beanie in place of Chester Taylor or LaRod Stephens-Howling.

I know he's been great so far, but it makes more sense to put Beanie on your bench and take a chance with any of your backups even if he practices fully in Friday's team drills.

Play your matchups this week and let Beanie put a little more air into his tires.

Beanie Wells Week 3 Fantasy Football Prediction: 67 rushing yards, 1 reception for 8 yards, 0 touchdowns.