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The Best Fantasy Football Sites in 2022

Ranking the best sites to play fantasy football for the 2022 NFL season.

Nearly 75 million are expected to play fantasy football during the 2022 NFL season and all of those people have plenty of options of where to host their fantasy leagues. There are the traditional commissioner sites like Yahoo Sports or CBS and also some relatively new places like Sleeper. Picking which site to host your league is all about what you and your fantasy league are looking for; custom scoring, big payouts, great mobile APP, and easy-to-use software, there's a fantasy football site that fits whatever needs you are looking for.

Most Well-Known Fantasy Sites:

  • Yahoo Sports: Great mobile APP and desktop site. User-friendly and easy to change scoring and roster settings. Free to use.
  • CBS: Tremendous insight and analysis. Desktop site is easier to navigate than the mobile APP. Standard leagues are free, keeper leagues cost $149.99 per league.
  • NFL: The "league's official" fantasy football platform, is the only platform that offers real-time player highlights. Free to use.
  • ESPN: Perhaps the most popular, ESPN has a user-friendly APP and website. All participants in an ESPN+ league are automatically entered into a $250,000 grand prize. Free to use.

Best Fantasy Football Mobile APP

  • Sleeper: The Sleeper APP has four million people on their platform, which pales in comparison to some of the bigger websites, but their APP is by far the best. There's more of a built-in social element for league-mates and player alerts built into their platform. Sleeper also has a solid desktop website. Free to use.

Best Fantasy Site for Custom Scoring

  • MyFantasyLeague (MFL): If your league wants complete control over every statistical scoring system possible, MFL is your place. Their scoring customization blows away the competition but their platform is a bit clunky and certainly takes some getting use to. Free to use.

Best Fantasy Site for Best Ball

  • Underdog Fantasy: A mix of DFS and season-long leagues, Underdog is best known for their Best-Ball Drafts, where players draft a team and have no in-season management. It's basically a "set it and forget it" way to play fantasy. Their 2022 Best Ball tournament boasts a $10 million prize pool. Costs vary depending on the league you enter.

Best High Stakes:

  • Fantasy Football World Championship: Draft online or live in-person in Las Vegas, the FFWC has hosted High-Stakes leagues for more than 15 years. Costs vary depending on league size with the overall winner getting $150,000!
  • National Fantasy Football Championship: Players have the option to draft online, in Las Vegas, or in New York. The NFC has several types of leagues all with varying prize amounts, including the overall prize of $250,000.