CFB Fantasy: Big East Mock Draft

Big East Mock Draft

Athlon's editors sat down for an eight team mock draft, using only the teams from the Big East and Notre Dame. Which players do they expect to have a big fantasy season? By Patrick Snow

The mock draft was conducted as an eight team total points league, with a standard conference lineup selected using only players from the Big East and Notre Dame – 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex – RB/WR, 1 K, 1 DEF and 3 bench spots. Each starting spot was allowed 12 starts during the season, eliminating the need to have a backup for every position for bye weeks.

Draft results based upon standard scoring system – passing touchdowns = 4 pts, rushing touchdowns = 6 pts, 25 passing yards = 1 point, 10 rush/receiving yards = 1 point, receptions = 0.5 points, 2 point conversions = 2 points

Round 1

1. Doug Word - Zach Collaros, QB, Cincinnati
2. Steven Lassan - Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh
3. Jake Veyhl - Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut
4. Charlie Miller - Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia
5. Mitch Light - Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame
6. Patrick Snow - Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers
7. Braden Gall - Dayne Crist, QB, Notre Dame
8. Rob Doster - Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

The numbers game becomes a key part of your strategy in a Big East draft, with only eight teams. We added some quality options by including Notre Dame in our exercise here, but you really need to watch the depth at the skill positions in this league.

There were three elite running backs (Lewis, Todman, Devine) and three top receivers (Floyd, Sanu, Baldwin) in this draft, so it was no surprise to see all six go early. It is highly recommended to grab one of these top performers in the first round, instead of opting for the fourth or fifth option at a particular position (RB or WR). 

Round 2

9. Rob Doster - B.J. Daniels, QB, South Florida
10. Braden Gall - Armon Binns, WR, Cincinnati
11. Patrick Snow - Tom Savage, QB, Rutgers
12. Mitch Light - Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame
13. Charlie Miller - Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
14. Jake Veyhl - Delone Carter, RB, Syracuse
15. Steven Lassan - Vidal Hazelton, WR, USC
16. Doug Word - Jock Sanders, WR, West Virginia

This round saw an interesting trend develop as Patrick Snow (Rutgers), Mitch Light (Notre Dame) and Charlie Miller (West Virginia) each drafted teammates. This can be a solid strategy with top offenses, but you will want to make sure to balance out your roster the rest of the way.

Kyle Rudolph was the only elite option at tight end in this draft. His pick at #12 overall made sense, but you can wait until Round 4 or preferably 5 on a tight end if you do not select Rudolph.

Round 3

17. Doug Word - Victor Anderson, RB, Louisville
18. Steven Lassan - Moise Plancher, RB, South Florida
19. Jake Veyhl - Dontavia Bogan, WR, South Florida
20. Charlie Miller - Kashif Moore, WR, Connecticut
21. Mitch Light - Tino Sunseri, QB, Pittsburgh
22. Patrick Snow - Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati
23. Braden Gall - Armando Allen, RB, Notre Dame
24. Rob Doster - Joe Martinek, RB, Rutgers

There was a mixed bag of selections here, with the strategy mostly being to fill out the roster with a quarterback and two other skill guys. However, Steven Lassan and Jake Veyhl decided to go against the grain and draft their “flex” positions (Plancher of USF looks to be a particularly good value). The decision to wait on a quarterback while drafting more quality skill guys can be a winning one, but if you go that route, look to grab a second signal caller fairly soon after your first quarterback selection.

Round 4

25. Rob Doster - Tai-ler Jones, WR, Notre Dame
26. Braden Gall - Ryan Griffin, TE, Connecticut
27. Patrick Snow - Doug Beaumont, WR, Louisville
28. Mitch Light - D.J. Woods, WR, Cincinnati
29. Charlie Miller - Ben Guidugli, TE, Cincinnati
30. Jake Veyhl - Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse
31. Steven Lassan - Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
32. Doug Word - Rutgers Defense

Round 5

33. Doug Word - D.C. Jefferson, TE, Rutgers
34. Steven Lassan - Zach Frazer, QB, Connecticut
35. Jake Veyhl - Cameron Graham, TE, Louisville
36. Charlie Miller - Alec Lemon, WR, Syracuse
37. Mitch Light - Connecticut Defense
38. Patrick Snow - Pittsburgh Defense
39. Braden Gall - Lindsey Lamar, WR, South Florida
40. Rob Doster - Mike Cruz, TE, Pittsburgh

The defenses started to go here (Rutgers was first with the last pick of Round 4). Connecticut and Pittsburgh were next, and the gap between these three and the rest of the league seems fairly sizable. South Florida’s defense (selected by Braden Gall in Round 6) is not a bad option, but you definitely want to draft a defense early in this league.

Round 6

41. Rob Doster - West Virginia Defense
42. Braden Gall - South Florida Defense
43. Patrick Snow - Dan Hutchins, K, Pittsburgh
44. Mitch Light - Casey Turner, RB, Rutgers
45. Charlie Miller - Notre Dame Defense
46. Jake Veyhl -  Cincinnati Defense
47. Steven Lassan - Kevin Gidrey, TE, South Florida
48. Doug Word - Duval Kamara, WR, Notre Dame

Round 7

49. Doug Word - Jake Rogers, K, Cincinnati
50. Steven Lassan - Syracuse Defense
51. Jake Veyhl - Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers
52. Charlie Miller - Barry Brunetti, QB, West Virginia
53. Mitch Light - D.J. Shoemate, RB, Connecticut
54. Patrick Snow - Ray Graham, RB, Pittsburgh
55. Braden Gall - Robert Hughes, RB, Notre Dame
56. Rob Doster - Bilal Powell, RB, Louisville

Round 8

57. Rob Doster - Andrew Devlin, TE, Pittsburgh
58. Braden Gall - Louisville Defense
59. Patrick Snow - Nick Provo, TE, Syracuse
60. Mitch Light - Demetris Murray, RB, South Florida
61. Charlie Miller - Nick Tausch, K, Notre Dame
62. Jake Veyhl - Antwon Bailey, RB, Syracuse
63. Steven Lassan - Kelmetrus Wylie, RB, Connecticut
64. Doug Word - Ryan Clarke, RB, West Virginia

Round 9

65. Doug Word - Mike Shanahan, WR, Pittsburgh
66. Steven Lassan - Marcus Sales, WR, Syracuse
67. Jake Veyhl - Adam Froman, QB, Louisville
68. Charlie Miller - Darius Ashley, RB, Louisville
69. Mitch Light - San San Te, K, Rutgers
70. Patrick Snow - Cierre Wood, RB, Notre Dame
71. Braden Gall - Andrew Hendrix, QB, Notre Dame
72. Rob Doster - Tyler Bitancurt, K, West Virginia

Round 10

73. Rob Doster - Jamius Gunsby, QB, South Florida
74. Braden Gall - Dave Teggart, K, Connecticut
75. Patrick Snow - Justin Burke, QB, Louisville
76. Mitch Light - Pat Bostick, QB, Pittsburgh
77. Charlie Miller - Shaquelle Evans, WR, Notre Dame
78. Jake Veyhl - Eric Schwartz, K, South Florida
79. Steven Lassan - Ryan Lichtenstein, K, Syracuse
80. Doug Word - De'Antwan Williams, RB, Rutgers

Many players wait until the last pick to select a kicker, but the strategy of drafting a top kicker and building depth late can be a difference maker. Both Doug Word (De’Antwan Williams – Rutgers RB) and Charlie Miller (Shaquelle Evans – Notre Dame WR) did this by taking shrewd gambles on players who could “blow up” in their second season on the field.

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