Defense/Special Teams Rankings: NFL Fantasy Week 13

The Lions DST may not play like a turkey on Thursday against the offensively-challenged Bears

Fun Thanksgiving Day Fact: The average score of a Thanksgiving game is higher than for any game the remainder of the season. Yet that's probably more noise than sound. After all, the combined point total averages are less than two points higher. But given that fact, it's curious as to why the experts for Week 13 have the Bears and Saints defense/special teams (DSTs) ranked as high for fantasy purposes as they do. It's not like they are playing the Redskins, Jets, or Dolphins. In fact, their opponents (Lions and Falcons, respectively) are both ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in total offense.


Even worse, the Chicago and New Orleans DSTs are on the road Thursday. To repeat, it's not like Detroit nor Atlanta has trouble racking up yardage. Do the experts really think the Saints DST is just going to roll over Matt Ryan and company? Perhaps the experts are in a tryptophan-induced coma already.


That being said, I do like the Lions DST this week. Although, this clip is always at the forefront of my mind every Thanksgiving:



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NFL DST Rankings: Week 13





— Rankings by Mark Strausberg, a member of the Athlon Network Contributor, who despite his youthful exuberance and good looks has been playing fantasy sports before Wildcats or Hoosiers even made it to VHS. Got a fantasy sports question or thought? Hit him up on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.

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