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Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Outfielder Rankings for 2022

Fantasy Baseball OF Rankings for 2022: George Springer

There's plenty of injury risk when it comes to George Springer but there's also plenty of potential reward awaiting those willing to take a chance on the talented Blue Jay

All outfielder rankings must be viewed with an ice-cold eye and my fantasy baseball rankings for the position in 2022 are no different.

There is (news flash) an abundance of talent in the OF every year. So much so that once you get beyond the lines of, say a fantasy OF3, the lines become very blurry. I have Avisail Garcia at 42nd, followed by Hunter Renfroe, followed by Michael Conforto, followed by Dylan Carlson. I could easily make an argument to put those four in any order. It really depends on what your needs are when you get to that point in the draft.

So instead I'll discuss a few outfielders who I valued far higher than others might. And speaking of value, don't forget to include Nelson Cruz in your draft rankings. He was not in my 1B rankings nor will he be found in my OF rankings below. He is basically a "pure DH." However, I do expect him to have another good year (I have him easily within my top 25 hitters) and he should pick up either OF or 1B eligibility fairly quickly this season.

2022 Positional Rankings: Top 300 I C I 1B I 2B I 3B I SS I OF I SP I RP

But while we're on the subject of potential DHs, let's discuss Justin Upton, whom I have much higher than the ECR (Expert Consensus Rankings). To be clear, I wouldn't want him as even one of my top five OFs in a mixed league. But he's being ranked outside of the top 60 OF in AL-only leagues and that's criminal. I know his average has fallen like an anchor in a Looney Tunes cartoon over the last few years. But he still managed to hit 17 HRs last season. If you can make daily roster moves, he is an incredible value at his current AL-only ADP of around 280 as I might take him around there in a mixed league!

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Another player whose ADP I don't get is Patrick Wisdom. With Kris Bryant gone, Wisdom should be an everyday starter for the Cubs. Despite just 338 ABs, Wisdom still hit 28 HRs last year. That's a bomb every 12 ABs! If he gets even 400 ABs this year, he should easily hit 30 (or more!) HRs and that's an even lower rate than last year. How many 30-plus HR hitters do you think you are going to find outside of the top 75 OFs, where I have him ranked, let alone the top 90 where the ECR have him ranked? Follow my lead and move him up your rankings.

Can we also touch upon Michael Brantley for a moment? He's a lock to bat .300, having done so each of the last four seasons, along with an OPS over .800. He's not quite the speedster or the power bat he once was, but should still provide you with a handful of HRs and SBs with 20-plus upside potential if he can get 500-plus ABs. Does that make him a top-30 mixed league OF? No, absolutely not. But should he be in the top 50 OF? Without a doubt.

Moving back up to the top of the rankings, the one outfielder who many will have in the top 20 but I still don't understand why he is still so low is George Springer. Yes, I know Springer has had trouble staying healthy. But he still clobbered 22 HRs in less than 300 ABs last year. But in the four seasons where he had at least 450 ABs, he averaged 31 HRs. He brings a big bat while not killing your batting average, plus he can give you a few steals as well. As part of a loaded Jays lineup this year, he should easily hit 150 runs plus RBIs. I will be happy to have him as my top OF in leagues in which I will wait a few rounds to grab one, and have thus ranked him as such.

However, if Springer gets injured again, I'm going to look like a dummy. But take a look at my OF rankings below and tell me whom else I might have completely swung and missed.

2022 Fantasy Baseball: Outfielder Rankings

— Rankings by Mark Strausberg, a member of the Athlon Network Contributor, who despite his youthful exuberance and good looks has been playing fantasy sports before Wildcats or Hoosiers even made it to VHS. Got a fantasy sports question or thought? Hit him up on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.