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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Defensive Back Rankings for 2021

Jamal Adams, Seattle Seahawks

Jamal Adams' knack for getting to the quarterback helps him stand out among the rest of the fantasy DB options

Similar to linebackers, the best approach when it comes to drafting defensive backs in fantasy football leagues that include Individual Defensive Players (IDPs) is to put a premium on versatility.

By that I mean there are some DBs who are tackling machines, there are some who are elite ball hawks, and then are even a select few that have a knack for getting to the quarterback. So it makes sense that the premium DBs are the guys who make plays regardless of where they happen to be on the field.

Jamal Adams definitely falls in that category, particularly when it comes to pressuring the pocket. Adams set a single-season record for a defensive back with 9.5 sacks last season. While it's risky to count on him replicating that total, his ability to produce in virtually every fantasy category is why he's the No. 1 DB entering the season.

There's certainly nothing wrong with opting for Budda Baker, Jeremy Chinn, Derwin James Jr., or even Jordan Poyer over Adams, but just remember that the three-time Pro Bowler did all of his damage for the Seahawks in only 12 games. He would have finished at the top or near the top of fantasy scorers among DBs if he had maintained his per-game production over a full season.

There are plenty of appealing defensive backs for IDP leagues this season. In the end, it just may come down to what type of category production you want out of your DBs.

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2021 Defensive Back (DB) Rankings

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