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Fantasy Football Tiers: Wide Receiver Rankings 2019

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Wide Receiver Tiers and Rankings 2019

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Wide Receiver Tiers and Rankings 2019

Depending on the format of your fantasy football league, you may need to stock up on wide receivers. Often, standard formats have two running backs but three wide receivers. A WR also can be used in a flex spot, which in PPR formats, is usually the way to go to get the most points from the position. Wide receiver is usually a fairly deep position, but it also is often a gamble to guess which player will get the most targets on their team.

Fantasy Football Tiers: Wide Receiver

Tier 1

These three players are at the top of their game – and the top of the wide receiver rankings. They are nearly a sure bet to go over 1,000 yards and put together double-digit touchdowns. As the tiers drop, so do the touchdowns. Quarterbacks have receivers that they trust and those are who they get the ball to as often as possible. That's why you see these three guys heading up this list.

Fantasy Football Tiers: Wide Receiver Tier 1

1. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans

At 27 years old, Hopkins is the top receiver heading into 2019. Obviously, plenty might disagree, but he is absolutely in the top tier. He consistently has 1,000-yard seasons and has recorded at least 11 TD catches in three of the past four seasons. He's proven he can catch the ball regardless of who is throwing to him. He's on a team with a great quarterback and a not-as-great running game. The stars are aligning for another elite WR1 season for Nuk.

2. Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers

Some may argue that with Aaron Rodgers, Adams should be No. 1. It's a fair argument, and he's obviously in the top tier for that reason. Rodgers wants to get Adams the ball; Adams has success when he gets the ball. He had 169 targets last year (second in the league) and he caught 111 of them for 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns. The TD total is what vaults him into this top tier and that should continue in 2019.

3. Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints

Thomas got his deal in July to make him the highest-paid wide receiver in the league (for now). He's played three seasons and has improved upon his receiving numbers each year. With nine touchdowns in both 2018 and his rookie year, he may reach double digits this year. He had a little more than 1,400 yards with 125 receptions last year and is a great fantasy WR1.

Tier 2

The wide receivers in Tier 2 are excellent options that will easily fill the No. 1 WR slot on your fantasy roster. These players just have something holding them back from being in the top tier, whether that be a new team, age, or quarterback. These players are solid WR1s and should be drafted in the very early rounds on draft day.

Fantasy Football Tiers: Wide Receiver Tier 2

4. Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs

Hill is not suspended, and therefore immediately slides in as a WR1 for fantasy purposes. He reunites with Patrick Mahomes, and the pair should continue to light up the field. Hill had 12 touchdowns last year and 1,479 receiving yards. He's fast and Mahomes trusts him; he'll get plenty of opportunities this year. Hill did suffer a thigh injury in practice, but it was simply a bruise. He'll be fine for the start of the season.

5. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

Jones is 30 years old, but he still is a top wide receiver. The only concern for fantasy owners is a lingering foot injury that seems to have plagued him not only last season but into this summer. It's something to keep an eye on, but assuming he's healthy, Jones should be good for another 100-plus catches. In 2017, his touchdowns seemed to disappear, but he bounced back with eight last season.

6. Odell Beckham, Jr., Cleveland Browns

ODB has moved on from the Giants. He's in Cleveland with Baker Mayfield and seems to be content for now. He's 26 and while plenty of drama has followed him around, he should be able to connect with Mayfield and play the role he's wanted to play on a team that can get him the ball.  Beckham's best season with the Giants was 2015 (1,450 receiving yards, 13 TDs). He likely won't quite get to those numbers again with the other options in Cleveland, but it's certainly something to strive for.

7. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown is gone, and it's officially the JuJu Smith-Schuster show in Pittsburgh. He had more than 1,400 receiving yards and seven touchdowns alongside Brown last season. This is his chance to exceed that. Ben Roethlisberger still is flinging the ball around with ease, and Smith-Schuster has the talent to be an elite wide receiver. It will be a test to see how he does now that defenses will have to focus on him, but he should be drafted as a WR1.

Tier 3

The wide receivers in this tier are the grouping of low WR1/high WR2. This group is interchangeable, in that some of the low WR1s may finish as WR2s and the WR2s may find their way into the WR1 category. These are players that have had great seasons, but have dealt with changing teams or injuries, which take the out of the first two tiers.

Fantasy Football Tiers: Wide Receiver Tier 3

8. Antonio Brown, Oakland Raiders

Brown is currently suffering from frostbite as a result of cryotherapy on his feet. He had the treatment in Europe, and clearly there was an issue with the way this was done. He's only expected to miss about three weeks, so he should be okay for the start of the season. However, this does mean that Brown will not be able to get valuable reps in with Derek Carr or any preseason action. His talent leaves him in the WR1 discussion.

9. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After Evans got hurt at the end of July, the Bucs and fantasy owners were a little bit scared. However, it was determined that the “injury” was simply cramps and he's fine. Evans will be paired once again with Jameis Winston after putting up a career high in total yards. His touchdown totals were down in 2018, but he's still a WR1.

10. Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers

Touchdowns have consistently been an issue for Allen. He had eight in his 2013 rookie season. Since then, he hasn't had more than six. In the past two seasons, he's had about 100 receptions in each. He had about 200 fewer receiving yards in 2018 but fantasy owners should expect about 1,300 yards and six touchdowns — enough to be valued as a low WR1 on a week-to-week basis.

11. Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings

Thielen was putting together an incredible yardage streak in 2018: eight games in a row with 100 or more. He faltered in Week 9, but saved that week with a touchdown catch. The second half of his season paled in comparison to how he started, but fantasy owners were spoiled. Odds are he's not going to have a season like that again. However, the potential is there, and he is a threat in the red zone (nine TDs in 2018).

12. T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts

Hilton admitted he was playing through a high ankle sprain at the end of last season. However, in the last seven games of the regular season, he had four games with 100-plus yards. His playoff performance wasn't as solid, so the ankle was an issue then. He's had plenty of time to rest the ankle and should be healthy for Week 1. He only had six touchdowns last year (his career high is seven), so without the big yardage, he slips into WR2 territory.

13. Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys

In six games in Oakland last year, Cooper had one touchdown. In nine games in Dallas, he had six. Something clicked for him with the Cowboys, whether it was the team, the environment, or the quarterback. Either way, he returns to Dallas for 2019 to play out the season with hopes of getting a new contract. At 25 years old, he should be able to connect with Dak Prescott and have a solid fantasy year.

14. Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings

Diggs had career highs in receiving yards (1,021), receptions (102), and touchdowns (9) in 2018. Even with Adam Thielen in the picture, both wide receivers have fantasy value. Some weeks Diggs will have a better game; some weeks it will be Thielen. However, with Dalvin Cook injured, the team needed to lean on their passing attack. This year, Cook is healthy, but both receivers will remain on the WR1/WR2 cusp.

Tier 4

This tier rounds out the rest of the WR2s. These players (all of the Los Angeles Rams starting wide receivers plus three more) are those that will get you solid fantasy points over the course of the season. These players are likely to have some off games which will be a disappointment, but by the end of the year (assuming health), all should put up respectable point totals.

Fantasy Football Tiers: Wide Receiver Tier 4

15. Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

In PPR formats, Edelman is a solid WR2. He doesn't usually catch many touchdowns (six in 2018 with a career high of seven). However, he makes up for it in receptions. Last year, he had 98 that went for a little more than 1,100 yards. Volume is what makes him so valuable. The Patriots are going to pass the ball, and as Tom Brady gets older, he's going to look for his trusty slot receiver.

16. Brandin Cooks, Los Angeles Rams

Cooks is the highest-ranked Rams receiver, but this passing attack is strong enough to support all three as WR2s. Cooks had 1,204 receiving yards last year and five touchdowns. That is a low touchdown number for him, but a career high in receiving yards. In 2019, he should continue to dominate as one of Jared Goff's favorite receivers. The other two receivers will take away targets, but Cooks should still get plenty of looks.

17. Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams

Woods came to life last year after failing to thrive in Buffalo for four years. After putting together a breakthrough season in 2017 (in fewer games played compared to '16), Woods shattered those numbers last season with 1,219 yards and six touchdowns. Woods had slightly more receiving yards than Brandin Cooks and that pattern should continue in 2019. Both receivers should get plenty of chances.