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Jeremy Maclin's Mystery Illness: Fantasy Discount?


With the no-news emerging about the Philadelphia Eagles' Jeremy Maclin's mystery illness that's plagued him for the last five months, it's hard to tell where he should go in your fantasy football draft.

For you early drafters (those who can't wait closer to the season when his illness and risk factor might be clearer) Maclin poses an interesting issue.

According to reports from his brother, he was going to make some sort of announcement Tuesday on his sickness that has been mono-like since April, but we've heard similar things before so we aren't holding our breath. We're all hoping Jeremy is back on the field 100 percent healthy ASAP. But until then, here's how you should handle him in your draft.

Last year Maclin was an underrated source of fantasy points. The Eagles were an offensive juggernaut which helped make Maclin's No. 2 WR status beefier than other No. 2's around the league.

Maclin averaged a very tidy 12.1 points per game, which was as much or more than some other big names like Miles Austin (12.1), Wes Welker (11.3), Brandon Marshall (11.5), Malcolm Floyd (11.5) Mike Williams (11.8) or Santonio Holmes (11.2). 

A definite fourth rounder when healthy, how long do you wait to take a flier on the hurt Eagle. His average draft position has fallen off a cliff. So, with a mystery illness that has cost him 15 pounds, you have to look at this as either a boom or bust situation. Are you willing to gamble a ninth round pick? Meaning, would you be willing to throw it away in the hopes of scoring a healthy Maclin?

The ninth feels about right. In the ninth round of our Athlon Sports Fantasy Football magazine mock draft (.5 PPR league), the names that went off the board were Mike Williams (SEA), LaDainian Tomlinson, Eli Manning and Joe Flacco. 

Aside from the quarterbacks, those other players are not going to make or break your season, and let's face it, are fliers in and of themselves. The chances of them actually making your starting roster week in and week out are very slim. 

If Maclin drops to the ninth round in your league, and his health situation is still unclear, pounce on him.

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