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Kicker Rankings: NFL Fantasy Week 6

Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby was the poster boy for kicking struggles in Week 5, missing three field goal attempts and one PAT before winning it in overtime with a 49-yarder

So Week 5 of the 2021 season was not exactly a banner week for NFL kickers. It got to be so bad, I had this well-known clip running continuously in my mind while watching the games. Maybe we should just skip to the Week 6 kicker rankings?


It wasn't quite this bad...

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But it was bad. Kickers missed 24 kicks this past week, including a record 12 extra points! It was the first time since 2015 (when the NFL moved the line of scrimmage for the PAT back) that kickers missed double-digit attempts on both field goals and extra points in the same week.

I'm sure we'd like to write it off as an aberration and just a weird blip. Unfortunately, it's not. So far this 2021 season, NFL kickers have converted just 92.4 percent of PAT point attempts from the 15-yard line. That is the lowest success rate since the 1979 season (91.3 percent).

Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the importance of a good kicker! And with that, we move on to this week's kicker rankings.

Positional Rankings: QB I RB I WR I TE I DST I K I Flex

NFL Kicker Rankings: Week 6

Teams on bye: Atlanta, New Orleans, New York Jets, San Francisco

— Rankings by Mark Strausberg, a member of the Athlon Network Contributor, who despite his youthful exuberance and good looks has been playing fantasy sports before Wildcats or Hoosiers even made it to VHS. Got a fantasy sports question or thought? Hit him up on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.