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Matt Schaub has serious foot injury; Out for Season


The Houston Texans can't catch a break. Or maybe they're catching too many.

After suffering through injuries to seemingly all their star players, the news got even worse this week when head coach Gary Kubiak revealed that quarterback Matt Schaub has a Lisfranc foot injury. Which, for all you non-doctors out there, a Lisfranc injury is usually a fracture to one of the tarsas or metatarsals, which are basically the bones right behind the toes.

This is not good news. If his foot is broken, then he's put for the rest of the season, as would be the Texans' chances of doing anything in the playoffs (even if they made it to the postseason).

It's hard to remember a team that has suffered serious injuries to so many of their star players. And then still kept winning.

After suffering various injuries to Arian Foster, Mario Williams and Andre Johnson, it seemed like the Texans' had weathered the injury storm and were still contenders to be one of the best teams in the AFC come January. 

Andre Johnson, who had missed several weeks with a hamstring injury was scheduled to get back on the field after their bye week this Sunday. At that point, the Texans thought they would be back at 100% with their three offensive weapons (Schaub, Foster and Johnson).

Schaub is going to see a specialist this week, but it doesn't look good. Kubiak refused to give a timetable for his return, but the chances of him missing the season seem to be better than 50-50. The best case scenario would be Schaub suiting up around the time of the playoffs.

Matt Leinart, not necessarily a name that instills a lot of confidence will take the reigns at quarterback while Schaub is out. On the good side, Leinart has two solid weeks to work with the fist team and learn the offense as best he can.

And he's inheriting one of the most explosive offenses in the league with a running game that can carry almost any running back with the powerhouse tandem of Foster and Ben Tate. And it looks like they'll need to lean heavily on them while Leinart figures things out. Could we see a Broncos-esque running attack in the next few weeks? 

The short answer is, don't expect much out of Leinart until you see something. He's not going to put up Schaub-like numbers, so don't take a flyer on him unless you're in a two-quarterback league and you're dealing with an injury or one of your quarterbacks is named Colt McCoy.