NFL Bye Weeks: 2020 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

A handy list to help fantasy owners manage those pesky bye weeks

When it comes to the 2020 NFL regular-season schedule there is one detail that typically means more to fantasy players than casual football fans — the bye week.


Generally speaking, fantasy owners fall in one of two camps when it comes to bye weeks. They either love them for the opportunity to think strategically or they loathe them and view them as nothing more than an annoying nuisance.


This year's bye weeks were initially laid out slightly different compared to last year in that they were set to start one week later (Week 5). But that changed when the first game (Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee, Week 4) was postponed and moved to another spot on the schedule (Week 7) because of COVID-19 concerns. More postponements followed because of situations with other teams, resulting in a series of changes that as of Oct. 11 had seen 10 games rescheduled to later in the season. This also means that nine teams — Baltimore, Denver, Jacksonville, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami, New England, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee — have had their bye weeks change from what it was entering this season.


These changes actually spread out the byes a little more. There are no longer any weeks with more than four teams on bye.


So love them or loathe them at least fantasy owners know when they byes are and what teams will be missing which week. So plan accordingly... or just continue to ignore them altogether.


2020 NFL Bye Week Schedule


Week 4: Pittsburgh*, Tennessee*

Week 5: Denver*, Detroit, Green Bay, New England*

Week 6: Las Vegas, Los Angeles Chargers*, New Orleans, Seattle

Week 7: Baltimore*, Indianapolis, Miami*, Minnesota

Week 8: Arizona, Houston, Jacksonville*, Washington

Week 9: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia

Week 10: Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, New York Jets*

Week 11: Buffalo, Chicago, New York Giants, San Francisco

Week 13: Carolina, Tampa Bay


Team Week
Arizona Week 8
Atlanta Week 10
Baltimore* Week 7
Buffalo Week 11
Carolina Week 13
Chicago Week 11
Cincinnati Week 9
Cleveland Week 9
Dallas Week 10
Denver* Week 5
Detroit Week 5
Green Bay Week 5
Houston Week 8
Indianapolis Week 7
Jacksonville* Week 8
Kansas City Week 10
Las Vegas Week 6
Los Angeles Chargers* Week 6
Los Angeles Rams Week 9
Miami* Week 7
Minnesota Week 7
New England* Week 5
New Orleans Week 6
New York Giants Week 11
New York Jets* Week 10
Philadelphia Week 9
Pittsburgh* Week 4
San Francisco Week 11
Seattle Week 6
Tampa Bay Week 13
Tennessee* Week 4
Washington Week 8

*Indicates a team that had its bye week changed as a result of the schedule adjustments made by the NFL because of games that were moved due to COVID-19 concerns.

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