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Quarterback Rankings: NFL Fantasy Week 12

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

This is not the week where it will Hurts to have Jalen on your fantasy team

That is not a misprint atop my Week 12 fantasy quarterback rankings. Not Lamar or Dak. Not Stafford, Herbert, or even the recently struggling Josh Allen. That's right, I have Jalen Hurts as my No. 1 fantasy QB this week.

I really didn't want to do it. I have Hurts in my primary league, so I'm terrified about the potential jinx I am putting on him. But let's give the man his due.

I'm not going to argue he's the best quarterback in the league. I'm not going to even argue he's the best fantasy quarterback in the league this season. But we can't deny any it longer — Hurts is a top-10 fantasy quarterback.

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Does it make a difference if he's a bigger weapon with his legs than his arm? He's still averaging more than 26 fantasy points a game. That is about six fewer per contest than Tom Brady, who is the top scorer at the position with 328 (depending on league scoring).

And I like the matchup for Hurts better than Brady's (at Colts), and frankly most of the other top quarterbacks. Hurts should have a field day against the Giants, who are giving up 25-plus fantasy points a game to QBs, which is the ninth most.

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NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 12

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— Rankings by Mark Strausberg, a member of the Athlon Network Contributor, who despite his youthful exuberance and good looks has been playing fantasy sports before Wildcats or Hoosiers even made it to VHS. Got a fantasy sports question or thought? Hit him up on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.