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Quarterback Rankings: NFL Fantasy Week 4

Quarterback Rankings Week 8: Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense are off to a rough start

Yes, I have Dak Prescott currently at No. 2 in my Week 4 fantasy quarterback rankings, but I might move him down before the end of the week. What I think is more noteworthy than anyone I elevated is the three big-name quarterbacks I lowered in my rankings versus the ECR (Expert Consensus Rankings). One is Russell Wilson, but that is only because I probably have too much respect for San Francisco's defense. So take that for what it's worth.

The other two, however, are worth delving into a little more. Most have Patrick Maholmes in one of the top two spots this week, but not me. It's not like I dropped him out of the top five. However, my having him ranked at four might raise a few eyebrows.

Maholmes is not off to a bad start, just a bad start for Maholmes. I don't think it is anything he is doing wrong, but the lack of a running game is making things difficult. Until the Chiefs can prove they can effectively run the ball, teams will continue to rush four and drop everyone else back in coverage. You don't have to watch a whole lot of game film to see I'm right.  Maholmes is still making magic, but unless he has a great matchup or the Chiefs discover a running game, I doubt he will return to the top spot in my rankings.

At least he's still in the top five and a clear QB1. Ben Roethlisberger however is not even a QB2 right now in my humble opinion. His arm looks weaker and less accurate. He doesn't really move well in the pocket. And it just seems like old age and the years of hits are finally taking their toll. It led to one of my favorite tweets after Week 3:

Do you realize how bad he has been? He has 801 passing yards so far or about 267 passing yards per game. If you're a scrambling quarterback like Lamar Jackson or even Jalen Hurts, that's fine. But Big Ben has all of 10 rushing yards this season. And it's not just a lack of yards. He is averaging just one TD pass a game but an equal number of INTs as well.  He currently has a 79 quarterback rating, his worst in more than eight years.

That sound you hear are the bells tolling the demise of Big Ben's fantasy career. Don't expect him in my top 25 anytime soon.

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NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 4

— Rankings by Mark Strausberg, a member of the Athlon Network Contributor, who despite his youthful exuberance and good looks has been playing fantasy sports before Wildcats or Hoosiers even made it to VHS. Got a fantasy sports question or thought? Hit him up on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.