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Quarterback Rankings: NFL Fantasy Week 6

Patrick Mahomes: Breaking Down the NFL MVP's Mind-Blowing 2018 Season

Despite a disappointing start, Patrick Mahomes hasn't been supplanted as the No. 1 fantasy QB. At least not yet.

My Week 6 fantasy quarterback rankings are pretty aligned with the ECR (Expert Consensus Rankings). The biggest difference is I have Trevor Lawrence closer to 20 and the ECR has him closer to 15. If you've been consulting my rankings this season, you know that's nothing. The same is true for me liking Lamar Jackson more than Kyler Murray or Tom Brady this week. Due to so little variation, I want to talk about the top of the QB rankings.

I saw this NFL meme this week and I thought it was interesting.

The quick answer is yes, too soon. I still have Patrick Mahomes atop my rankings for both this week and the rest of the season. I'm not alone in that camp either. But I thought that meme was interesting food for thought.

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First off, why no Murray? Add Murray in there and I think you have the best five quarterbacks in the league right now. The young guard has definitely overtaken the "old guard." You can make a weekly exception for Brady perhaps, but that is matchup-dependent. 

Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with Mahomes or that the other young quarterbacks have exceeded them. However, opposing defensive coordinators have definitely figured out how to defend the Chiefs. I don't think this is permanent. But the Chiefs need to develop a running game. And they will now be forced to go with the intermediate and shorter passes in order to counteract the "solution" to the Chiefs' high-powered offense. Expect hypotheticals like the one above to disappear as soon they do. 

Positional Rankings: QB I RB I WR I TE I DST I K I Flex

NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 6

Teams on bye: Atlanta, New Orleans, New York Jets, San Francisco

— Rankings by Mark Strausberg, a member of the Athlon Network Contributor, who despite his youthful exuberance and good looks has been playing fantasy sports before Wildcats or Hoosiers even made it to VHS. Got a fantasy sports question or thought? Hit him up on Twitter @MarkStrausberg.