Russell Wilson: Fantasy Outlook 2020

Projections for the season ahead

As the 2020 fantasy football season nears, it's time to examine players who could make or break your fantasy team. Here's a look at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his fantasy outlook for the season ahead.


Fantasy Outlook

Among active quarterbacks, only Drew Brees has hit a 6.0 percent passing-touchdown rate more times than Wilson. Brees has done so seven times in 19 seasons. Wilson has done it six times in just eight seasons. The quick emergence of DK Metcalf to join Tyler Lockett gives Wilson perhaps the best pair of wideouts he’s had to date. Wilson says he wants to increase the tempo in 2020, which could mean more offense.


Size: 5'11", 215
Age: 31
Bye Week: 6


Quick Take

Betting on Wilson is just a good idea in general. The best reason to not draft him is if you’d rather wait on the position, which can pay off.


Season Projections for 2020

4,144 passing yards, 31 passing TDs, 7 INTs, 342 rushing yards, 3 rushing TDs


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