Way-Too-Early 2020 Fantasy Football Top 300 Rankings

It's really early but Christian McCaffrey is a pretty safe bet to maintain his No. 1 ranking

Even though the XFL has arrived to help fill the football void on the field (and in fantasy for some), the NFL is never far from anyone's mind. This means it's never too early to start thinking about the 2020 fantasy football season.


But before you dive into the player rankings below keep in mind there's a reason these are called "Way-Too-Early." After all, the draft is still more than two months away and there will be plenty of player movement once free agency starts in March. The quarterback position alone carries plenty of intrigue as one or two moves could cause a ripple effect throughout the league.


But before we get to that and seeing where the top draft picks land in late April, we may as well start with what we currently know. And one thing we know is that Christian McCaffrey is a pretty good football player, which is why he tops these rankings. In fact, McCaffrey probably won't cede this spot at any point between now and the start of the season, barring injury.


There's always room for debate and there's sure to be plenty when it comes to who lines up after McCaffrey. But that's one of the fun things about fantasy football, right? Even when the season is seven months away diving into some fantasy rankings is just one way to help pass the time and keep those football juices flowing, although I do recommend giving the XFL a try if you haven't already.


Either way, enjoy these way-too-early rankings and if you see something you don't agree with that's OK because there are plenty of changes to come!



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