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Early 2021 Fantasy Football Top 300 Rankings

Early 2021 Fantasy Football Top 300 Rankings

Early 2021 Fantasy Football Top 300 Rankings

The NFL draft has come and gone and the calendar has turned to June, meaning training camps are just around the corner, which is only adding to the anticipation of the upcoming fantasy football season.

There are still plenty of things happening throughout the league as well, such as the trade of Julio Jones to Tennessee and there figure to be additional moves forthcoming as teams get their rosters together before breaking camp. That's why these player rankings below are called "early."

But while plenty of things have already changed when comparing 2020 to '21, one thing that will likely remain the same is who will be taken with the first pick. Even though Christian McCaffrey played in just three games this past season because of injury, his talent and projected volume in Carolina's offense are two of the biggest reasons why he finds himself atop the rankings.

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So enjoy these early rankings and if you see something you don't agree with that's OK because these will change before we get to Week 1.