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The 10 Best Sports-Related Viral Videos of 2011


Viral videos are usually what your spend the majority of your workday watching (don't worry, your boss is doing the same thing.) So here are the 10 best viral videos from the sports world in 2011. These aren't the best plays or craziest athletic moments, but the most entertaining viral videos that fall into the sports or sports culture category. Enjoy.

10. Police Officers Trick Deadbeat Parents with Fake Alabama/Auburn Tix

This ruse is genius in its simplicity. And the simplicity of it's victims. The Alabama County police sent out letters to parents suspected of not paying child support telling them they won tickets to the Auburn-Alabama game. All they had to do was show up with ID to collect. Instead of winning free tickets, they won an arrest. They called it "Operation Iron Snare."

9. LeSean McCoy Jabs Andy Reid in the Stomach

This video is why slow motion was invented.

8. Troy Polamalu Scares the Crap out of People at a Wax Museum

Sure this was basically a commercial for Head and Shoulders, but seeing people get the bejesus scared out of them makes it all OK.

7. Water Skiier Smashes Face

Meet Kyle Dammeyer. He's a water skiier for THE Ohio State university. And now his face is getting smashed up against THE water skiing ramp. This video gets bonus points for the announcer who takes a little too much glee in the replay of this crash after he learnst hat Kyle's OK.

6. We Don't Need No Cats...We Need More Dogs

I think I understand what Coastal Carolina's Dave Bennett is trying to say in this really weird and bizarre press conference. But it takes this analogy a while to pay off and when it does, it's totally worth it.

5.  Holy Crap! It's Carp!

Some people think fishing is a sport, but to me it looks a lot like riding around in a boat and trying not to get hit in the face with a giant fish. This doesn't seem very hard to me.

4. The Honey Badger

This one falls in the sports realm because LSU Tigers' cornerback and Heisman Award nominee Tyrann Mathieu has taken on the nickname "Honey Badger" this season. Is it because Tyrann "don't care, he just takes what he wants." The language in this is very NSFW.

3. Tampa Rays Cameraman Falls Down

There's three absolutes in life: 1. Death, 2. Taxes, and 3. Falling Down is always funny. It's also enjoyable that Adrian Beltre just points at the guy as he's going down and keeps trotting to home plate.

2. Antelope Destroys Biker

This is exactly what you think should happen to someone stupid enough to try and bike across Africa. You don't just get your bike and start riding it around Africa. This isn't Central Park. This is the wild, where antelopes and wildebeasts and whatnot will take you out just for bringing your mountain bike out for a stroll. 

1. Kenny Powers Takes Over K-Swiss

Remember when I said that "Honey Badger" video was NSFW? Well, take that and add a few more F's to this instant classic where "Eastbound and Down" star Kenny Powers becomes the CEO of K-Swiss. There would be no Occupying of Wall Street if real life CEO's conducted themselves like Mr. Powers. (Sidenote: This is the greatest commercial of all time.)