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100 Twitter Accounts Every Sports Fan Should Follow (40-21)


Twitter can range between being awesome and being the most annoying thing in on the Internet. So to help sports fans figure out which Twitter accounts they should follow, we put together the list of the best 100.

This list contains everything from journalists to athletes to comedians. To make sure there's a broad enough apeal, we tried to keep it national (sorry, the guy who tweets about your high school football team didn't make the list). Feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments. Here's 40-21.

40. Every Day Should Be Saturday, @edsbs
Category: College Football
Every Day Should Be Saturday is worth following even if it’s Tuesday.

39. Fake Dan Beebe, @DanBeebe
Category: Humor, College Football
The account for the fake head of the Big 12 knows more about where conference realignment will take us than the real Dan Beebe.

38. Mike and Mike in the Morning, @MikeAndMike
Category: All Sports
I’m pretty sure Greenberg likes it when you send him tweets about how much the Jets suck.

37. Juan Pablo Montoya: @jpmontoya
Category: Racing
According to his twitter page, he spends more time in planes than he does in cars. Maybe he should start racing jets? He also has over 700,000 followers, so he must be doing something right.

36. Matthew Berry, @MatthewBerryTMR
Category: Fantasy
Up-to-the-minute fantasy advice, stats and rankings. If you have a fantasy team of any kind (except jai-alai), you need to follow this feed.

35. Fake Walt Frazier, @NotWaltFrazier
Category: Humor
The fake account for Walt Frazier will have you mouse clickin’ and finger lickin’!

34. Chip Brown, @ChipBrownOB
Category: College Football
Chip has the inside track on anything Big 12 or Texas Longhorns-related. If anyone knows how what number will come after “Big” in 2012 and beyond, it’s Chip.

33. Dan Wetzel, @danwetzel
Category: College Football, All Sports
Dan uses Twitter the way it should be used. Instead of filling up his page with tweets like “@Gatorzfan99 thanks” and “@thebigbubba why?”, he just sends out interesting links and takes on all things sports.

32. EJ Hradek, @EJHradek_NHL
Category: NHL
NHL news that you want to read (if you want to read about the NHL.)

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31. Ashton Kutcher, @aplusk
Category: Celebrity
Yes, he’s a celebrity, but he’s also a huge sports fan. Plus, anyone who was on the “Walter Payton: A Football Life” show deserves to be on this list (I would’ve put Matt Suhey’s Twitter on here, but his twitter page kind of sucks.)

30. Chad Ochocinco, @ochocinco
Category: NFL, Athlete
The Twitterverse is much more awesome with Ochocinco in it.

29. MLB Stats, @STATS_MLB
Category: MLB
This is a combination of hardcore trivia and stats about baseball. But you may have gathered that from its name.

28. Bruce Feldman, @BFeldmanCBS
Category: All Sports
Bruce Feldman’s combination of in-depth news links and interesting fact makes you realize how good Twitter can be.

27. ESPN College Football Conference accounts,@ESPN_SEC, @ESPN_BigTen, @ESPN_ACC, @ESPN_BigEast, @ESPN_Pac12blog, @ESPN_Big12
Category: College Football
Instead of picking one, a real college football fan would follow all of these conference feeds.

26. The Iron Sheik, @the_ironsheik
Category: Humor
The Iron Sheik’s twitter page could also be number one since it’s one of the funniest pages on the Internet, let alone Twitter. But wrestling rides a fine line of “sports” so he gets bumped down a bit. It’s also about as NSFW as you get (it took me 25 minutes to find a sample tweet that didn’t use the “f” word or the phrase “raisin balls.”)

25. Erin Andrews, @erinandrews
Category: College Football
She’s Erin Andrews, that’s why you should follow her.

24. Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow
Category: All Sports, College Basketball
To quote Fast Times at Ridgemont High: “Whenever people say, ‘That Gottlieb, he’s a loudmouth.’ And they say that a lot, I always say, ‘You just don’t know Gottlieb.’”

23. Fake Bill Walton, @TheBillWalton
Category: Humor
I know this says it’s fake, but I like this feed even more when I tell myself it’s real.

22. Rich Eisen, @richeisen
Category: NFL
The NFL network host has a solid podcast. And his twitter feed is the best place to keep up with said podcast.

21. Chris Mortenson, @mortreport
Category: NFL
Before there was Adam Schefter and Chris Mortenson, there was just Chris Mortenson giving the up-to-the-second breaking NFL news. Respect.

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