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100 Twitter Accounts Every Sports Fan Should Follow (60-41)


Twitter can range between being awesome and being the most annoying thing in on the Internet. So to help sports fans figure out which Twitter accounts they should follow, we put together the list of the best 100.

This list contains everything from journalists to athletes to comedians. To make sure there's a broad enough apeal, we tried to keep it national (sorry, the guy who tweets about your high school football team didn't make the list). Feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments. Here's 60-41.

60. John Daly, @PGA_JohnDaly
Category: Golf, Fat
If you didn’t know who John Daly was, this probably wouldn’t make the list. But knowing he’s sending these tweets with a Bud Light in one hand, a fifth of Jack in the other while one cigarette (or possibly two) dangles from his mouth paints a very special visual for each tweet.

59. Kissing Suzy Kolber, @KissMeSuzy
One of the funniest sports blogs in the blogosphere, is also worth following in the Twittersphere (Or is it Twitterverse?)

58. MLB Trade Rumors, @MLBtraderumors
Category: MLB
Whenever you wonder “Hey, will my team sign Albert Pujols?” @MLBTradeRumors will make sure you’re aware that your team has no chance at signing Albert Pujols.

57. Tom Deinhart, @BTNTomDienhart
Category: College Football
Everything you wanted to know about Big Ten football. Nothing you wanted to know about PAC-12 football.

56. Mike Wilbon, @RealMikeWilbon
Category: NBA, All Sports
The balder half of the PTI team likes it mix it up on Twitter and gets into it with his followers even more than he does with Tony Kornheiser.

55. Scott Van Pelt, @notthefakeSVP
Category: All Sports
You know Scott Van Pelt from the Scott Van Pelt radio show and a multiude of ESPN televised programs. You also know he delivers smart sports knowledge mixed with humor. So there’s no point in me explaining his Twitter feed anymore.

54. Michael Lombardi, @michaelombardi
Category: NFL
NFL Network reporter’s twitter feed is a mix of football news and articles of interest from around the web.

53. Andy Roddick, @andyroddick
Category: Tennis, Athlete
Andy Roddick is married to Brooklyn Decker. Any other questions?

52. Jon Heyman, @SI_JonHeyman
Category: MLB
Sports Illustrated writer gives breaking news and insight around the MLB.

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51. Andy Katz, @ESPNAndyKatz
Everything you wanted to know about college basketball, plus other stuff you may have wanted to know about Andy Katz.

50. Jason McIntyre, @TheBigLead
Category: All Sports
The Big Lead is a solid collection of sports smatterings from around the Interwebs (my grandfather did not understand that previous sentence.)

49. Mike Pereira, @MikePereira
Category: NFL
The former VP of officiating for the league is now the rules analyst at Fox weighs in on plays and reviews during games. He also responds to questions, so you’ll at least get an answer as to why your team’s linebacker was just fined $100,000 for tackling another player.

48. Bleacher Report, @bleacherreport
Category: All Sports
The fan’s take on everything sports gives you some of the best lists and sports-related girl galleries on the web.

47. Mel Kiper Jr, @MelKiperESPN
Category: College Football, NFL Draft
The man with the hair is all business when it comes to the NFL draft. If you want to know how high an 18-year old can jump, he’s the man to follow.

46. David Feherty, @Fehertwit
Category: Golf, Humor
The Golf analyst can break down a dogleg on the final Sunday of a major, while also providing a collage of weird insights over Twitter every other day of the week.

45. Grey Albright, @Razzball
Category: Fantasy
Easily the most entertaining fantasy site, Grey Albright and the Razzball crew are the only fantasy writers who have made me actually LOL (that’s an Internet term) while reading a sentence about Yovanni Gallardo. (They’d be higher on this list if their feed consisted of more of their trademark dry wit, and fewer link dumps.)

44. Colin Cowherd, @ESPN_Colin
Category: All Sports
Colin will say something you hate one minute, and then something you like the next. Plus, he retweets stuff like this.

43. Tony Reali, @AroundTheHorn
Category: All Sports
Tony Reali has the best job in the world: He gets to yell at sports writers for a half an hour, and then tell other sports writers why they’re wrong.

42. Alyssa Milano, @alyssa_milano
Category: Celebrity
Alyssa tweets a lot (I’m not kidding) and most of it is about her new baby, but you can forgive her because she’s Alyssa Milano and she really likes baseball.

41. Grant Wahl, @grantwahl
Category: MLS, All Sports
The senior writer at SI has an interesting take on all spectrums of sport. Plus, he’s an MLS guy and this list was woefully short of MLS guys.

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