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13 Greatest Football Referee Bloopers


"Giving Him the Business"

During this Maryland-NC State game, the referee decides to improvise and deviates just a bit from the official rule book. "Unnecessary roughness" or "late hit" or "unsportsmanlike conduct" normally work quite well.

Taking out the coach

During this FSU-Wake Forest game last month, the ref knocks out the FSU coach as he pursues the play along the sidelines.

Vikings Player Runs Over Ref

Percy Harvin is in the process of returning this kickoff for a touchdown, but one of his lead blockers wanted to make sure that no one would touch his return man.

Stephen Garcia gets tackled by ref

Stephen Garcia was kicked off the South Carolina football team early in the 2011 season. Off-the-field issues aside, this is one reason he is no longer a Gamecock.

T.J. Duckett trucks a referee

Old Michigan State Spartan workhorse running back TJ Duckett rumbles through the enitre defense - and referee crew to boot.

Penalty on everyone but the center

This referee has way too many options and decides that they have all cheated. So he penalizes pretty much everyone - except the center of course.

NFL Ref crushes rams running back

Sign him up! This ref throws a right elbow while tackling the Rams' Ken Darby. There are plenty of NFL teams that could use another quality tackler.

There is no "FLAG" for illegal formation

This referee is trying to say that there is "no FLAG on the play for illegal formation, but it definitely does not come out right.

Ref gets face-planted by Bills player

This ref ends up with a bloodied face after a Bills defender goes through him to get to the football. The poor zebra ends up landing right on his face.

Ed Hochuli can't get the call right

One of the better refs in the game, Hochuli slips-up as he tries to call offsides on the defense. The announcers find it easy to make fun of the stocky official since he isn't anywhere near the booth, of course.

Ref hits lions player in the head

As the official catches the football to spot the next play, he reaches out and accidentally smacks a Lions player right in the helmet.

One Confused Ref

This ref starts to explain the call, then realizes he has no idea what he's talking about. After a brief conference with fellow refs, he returns just as confused. 

Replacement ref costs team a TD

Let's be honest, we could do a top 50 list just on the replacement refs. But no single blooper brings together the imcompetence of the replacements like this gem. Like a banana in Mario Kart, the ref throws his hat at Kevin Ogletree's feet, causing him to slip and most likely miss an easy TD pass.