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14 Tweets that Prove Donald Trump is America's Worst Sports Fan

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is now president of the United States, and it’s no secret he knows how to utilize social media, specifically Twitter.

While general tweets about politics can create their own firestorm, Trump also has a collection of comments about sports. His sports interests are well publicized, as he played a key role in the USFL’s demise and recently tried to buy the Buffalo Bills.   

After reading Trump’s Twitter history, he seems to have some terrible hot takes, bad scouting, and a lot of contradictory statements. Which, of course, we thought we'd share.

Here's a look at 14 that grabbed our attention:

1. It doesn't appear Donald has too good of an eye for quarterback talent: 

2. Only Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon...

3. Donald tweets Penn State should suspend its team in 2012. And then takes a completely different tone a year later:

4. Tim Tebow was a great college quarterback. It was clear he was not a starter in the NFL:

5. The Jets are going to have a terrific season with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow? They finished the season 6-10 and tied for last in the AFC East:

6. That's right, the beginning of the end for the NFL. Of course, Donald decided to keep tweeting and watching the NFL over the last two years and tried to buy the Bills in that same span:

7. Manti Te'o and a fake controversy for the Heisman? Te'o was doing pretty good without any sympathy from voters and was already considered one of the top players in the nation:

8. For the 2016 Super Bowl, Trump decided to pick both teams:

9. He seems to know a lot about legal issues and suing to get a favorable ruling...and Brady still lost versus the NFL:

10. The NFL is definitely in trouble...according to Donald:

11. All of that time saved by not watching the NFL seemed to fuel that run to the White House:

12. At least he's honest. Or didn't decide to pick both teams:

13. Sorry, Donald. Joe Flacco is not among the NFL’s top quarterbacks:

14. Really?