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5 Sports Franchise Moves We're Still Not Over


Sports fans live and die with their teams.

Although fans root for certain teams based on players they like or how they were raised, others go off of location. Born and raised in Chicago? Chances are good that you're a Bulls and Bears fan. Location, location, location. 

It's no surprise that when a team moves, their fans are not too pleased about it. With the recent plans to relocate the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles, let's take a look at franchise moves that some fans may still be hurt by.

5. Brooklyn Dodgers —> Los Angeles Dodgers

As most sports franchise moves, this one begins with money. Owners of a team want a new stadium and when they don't get it, they make a threat. Before you know it, that threat becomes reality. For the youngsters it's difficult to hear the word "Dodgers" and not think about LA, but the more nostalgic sports fans will always acknowledge them as Brooklyn's team. At least New Yorkers have the Yankees and Mets to lean on. 

4. Los Angeles Rams —> St. Louis Rams

Although it's a moot point now, it's hard to imagine being a Rams fan and losing your team to St. Louis. Some football fans will say things just never seemed right after the team was transported to Missouri. Legendary running back Eric Dickerson had to root for Missouri probably all the while holding on to hope that his team would come back home. Now that they finally are heading back west, it's safe to say he's pretty ecstatic about it.

3. Cleveland Browns —> Baltimore Ravens

People joke that people in Cleveland don't have much aside from their sports team, but it could be argued that it's partly true. When Art Modell tried to move the Browns to Baltimore, lawsuits were filed and fans went crazy. In the Browns last game of the season, the Dawg Pound was so out of control that they had to move to the opposite side of the field. Ripped out seats and fires were the last memory of the Browns in Cleveland until 1999 when they got the new Browns in town.

2. Seattle SuperSonics —> Oklahoma City Thunder

This one hurt. A city like Seattle with such rich basketball history was "rewarded" by having their team relocated by a new owner who, despite what he claimed, had every intention on moving them to Oklahoma City. Clay Bennett ripped the hearts from every Seattle fan's chest. Seeing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook make it to the NBA Finals and remain elite in the Western Conference has to hurt Sonics fans year after year, especially with no immediate plans to get a franchise of their own. There will never come a day when Oklahoma City Thunder sounds better than Seattle SuperSonics.

1. Baltimore Colts —> Indianapolis Colts

Imagine going to sleep one night and everything makes sense. Then imagine waking up and your sports team (and world) is gone. That's what happened to fans in Baltimore when their team was moved in the middle of the night to Indianapolis. Of course it doesn't help things that the Colts would eventually draft Peyton Manning and a Super Bowl win. Baltimore of course got the Ravens and a Super Bowl win of their own.

Only time will tell how the people of St. Louis (and Nelly) will react to their city no longer being home to an NFL team.