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5 Greatest Layups in WNBA History

5. One in a Million Shot

The WNBA season officially kicks off today and we can hardly stand it we're so excited. To tide us over until tip-off, we compiled some of lady basketball's most amazing, backboard bumping, in-your-face layups the Internet can offer. Buckle up!

My God, did that just happen? Trust us, she makes it look easy. This has got to be a million to one shot. And she does it with one hand. "Showtime," indeed.

4. Putting on a Clinic

This looks like it must have been taken at WNBA practice. They didn't make the layups, but they still put on a clinic.

3. Air Jackson

At the 23-second mark, Air Jackson unleashes hell. You might want to sit down for this one.

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2. Blowing of the Mind

Two words for you: Mind. Blown.

1. The Slow Build

This is from the early days of the WNBA, we're pretty sure. You could cut the tension with a knife, but when "The Shot" happens, it electrifies the crowd.