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50 Cent Throws Horrible First Pitch, Bad Puns Ensue


Rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson threw one of the all-time bad first pitches in MLB history last night against the Pirates, joining a lowlight reel that includes Carly Rae Jepsen, John Wall, Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory and Carl Lewis.

Unfortunately, writers and bloggers proved they weren't much better at making hip hop-related puns.

First, video of the failed first pitch and the puns that followed:

"There's no way 50 Cent gave it his 100%."
-USA Today

"Pitchin' ain't easy."
-New York Daily News

"50 Cent was on the mound, but not on the money."
-Associated Press

"You can find him in the clubhouse ... humiliated on a national level -- because Tuesday night 50 Cent may have thrown out the worst first pitch in MLB history."
-TMZ Sports

"He can throw beats but he can’t throw balls."
-The Sydney Morning Herald

"50 Cent certainly didn’t party like it was his birthday Tuesday night at the Mets-Pirates game."
-Fox 59 Indianapolis

"You can find 50 Cent in da club, but you can find his first pitch at Tuesday night's Mets game way outside the club somewhere."
-The Today Show

"50 Cent may be a P-I-M-P, but a major league pitcher, he is not."
-US Weekly

"If there's one thing we learned Tuesday, it's the 50 Cent should stay "In Da Club" and off the diamond."
-Newark (N.J.). Star-Ledger

"Rapper 50 Cent may have sold tons of records and been shot nine times, but his street cred veered off course Tuesday night in New York."
-Washington Times

"One of 50 Cent's "21 Questions" should have been, 'How do you throw a baseball?'"
-The Week

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