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Adam Schefter Reveals Why He Tweeted Jason Pierre-Paul's Medical Records

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What's ok and what's not in the world of journalism. These days the line between right and wrong is severely blurred.

After news broke that Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul may have his finger amputated, Adam Schefter caught a lot of flack for tweeting his medical records. In an interview with, the ESPN NFL insider defended his actions.

"This wasn't as if some player were admitted to the hospital with a secret illness or disease ... the extent of his injuries were going to come to light, maybe that day or later that week, but soon," Schefter said.

Schefter went on to say that the image of the medical records came to him and that he never requested anything. Although the ESPN reporter doesn't apologize for what he did, he did admit that he should've done a little more before tweeting.

"In hindsight I could and should have done even more here due to the sensitivity of the situation," Schefter said. "ESPN has trusted me on any number of stories over the years, and granted me great latitude, fortunately. Sometimes in the fast-paced news world we live in, it's easy to forget you should lean on the knowledge and experience of the people surrounding you ... On this one, there should have been even more discussion than there was due to the sensitivity of the story; that's on me."

It's a tough lesson for many journalists to learn. In the end, if you can believe, Schefter will be even better for it.