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Alabama Trolls UCF With National Championship Rings

alabama rings.jpg

Alabama or UCF? Depending on who you ask you could get a different answer when it comes to who the National Champions of the past year are. 

Although the majority of people who say, "UCF" probably live in Florida or are alumni, but that's beside the point. Alabama proudly showed off its National Championship rings and they were the talk of the college football world.

Awesome looking rings the Crimson Tide has there, but that wasn't enough for some players. Recently UCF unveiled their Peach Bowl rings that have "National Champions" prominently displayed on them which understandably irked some players from Alabama. 

It came as no surprise when Alabama players got their rings that they would take a slight dig at the Knights over who the real champions are. 

Both teams will ironically go down in history as having claimed to be the 2017 champions.