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Anyone Know If UAB Tickets Are Still Available?


This was the scene at the UAB Blazers home game tonight (Oct. 20th) against the UCF Knights. Even if UAB pulls off the upset and the fan(s) storm the field, I'm pretty sure that goal post has absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a more epic case of no one showing up to a sporting event (that was also on TV) in my life.

Sure, the fightin' Blazers are ranked a mere 112th in college football's Top 120. But they're playing THE UCF Knights, who are a whopping 70th. Who wouldn't come out to see a football team who's so good, that only 69 teams in the country are better than? (That sentence sounds weird, but you get the joke.)

UAB might need some help in the "people who care about UAB" department.

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If you want to see how this epic battle ended (I'm assuming you weren't there) the box score is here