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Athletes Fire Back at Gilbert Arenas For Sexist WNBA Comments


Gilbert Arenas has a lot of free time on his hands, and he isn't really using it wisely.

The former Wizards player went on an Instagram rant about WNBA players, and his thoughts are very sexist and frankly NSFW. The man who made some pretty idiotic choices throughout his NBA career has a thought on what he should see when he watches a WNBA game. 

As one can imagine, those thoughts ruffled some feathers with members of the WNBA and even some male sports figures. Three-time WNBA champion Swin Cash couldn't hold her thoughts any longer.

If you think Arenas would issue an apology or regret his statements, it's not happening. He went on another Instagram tangent reaffirming his misogynistic thoughts.

It's sad that people still think like this but honestly, does anyone put any stock into what Arenas says these days? 

Later, the WNBA released a statement regarding Arenas' thoughts (or lack thereof).