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Athlon's 11 Essential Links of the Day: June 17, 2014

Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey

This is you daily links roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for June 17:

• Didn't catch the USA's 2-1 win over Ghana yesterday? Here's what you should know going forward.

Fan reactions were almost as exciting as the game itself.

• Clint Dempsey's 1st-minute goal gave Americans a reason to cheer.

• But the Germans performed even better than the U, with Thomas Muller registering a hat trick.

• Portugal was frustrated which naturally led to a headbutt.

• In other news, Johnny Manziel is still the most ridiculous personality in football.

Kanye West rants again, this time at Bonnaroo Music Festival.

• Speaking of Kanye: Kim Kardashian is extending her sphere of influence into the realm of videogames.

• Both the NBA Playoffs and Game of Thrones Season 4 have ended, but their spirit lives on in this hilarious mash-up.

• Rob Ford is getting out of rehab and... getting a musical?

• Croatia has more problems than not being very good at football: This nude photo fiasco isn't helping.

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