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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: April 25, 2014


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for April 25.

The hottest celebrity Instagram photos of the week, including Anastasia Ashley (pictured).

• I run hot and cold on Frank Caliendo, but his Gruden's pretty good.

Brandon Phillips channels his inner Easter Bunny and terrorizes an infant.

Pat Forde on the Harrison Twins' savior-bum-savior life cycle at UK.

• Lolo Jones uses Twitter for good, and for ill. This dis of Michael Pineda is an example of the former. Another Olympian, hockey player Meghan Duggan, also trolled Pineda while on the mound at Fenway.

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• Even Tommy John himself is alarmed at the number of Tommy John surgeries this season.

Some dude is trying to collect every VHS copy of the Keanu-Sandy Bullock classic "Speed." It's good to have a hobby, I guess.

• The headline says this is the best softball catch you'll see all week. It's the only softball catch I've seen this week, so the headline's correct.

Larry Bird's head-in-hands moment has led to some fun memes

• Need something to fire you up? How about another grown man grabbing a ball away from a kid?

• Ah, the old hidden ball trick. Pay close attention.

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