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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: August 30, 2013


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 30.

• Leading off the last Friday before college football's first weekend, here's a different spin on this week's Top 25 matchups: cheerleader vs. cheerleader.

• Okay, so Vandy-Ole Miss was bananas. Not a bad start to the season. Pat Forde has a nice recap of Jeff Scott's run to glory. Here's Jordan Matthews puking his guts out on the field (fair warning: it's pretty nasty). And here are five takeaways from Opening Night in the SEC.

• Twitter erupted a bit over Jadeveon Clowney's apparent lack of conditioning. Steve Spurrier even got in on the act.

College football fandom displayed in terms of Facebook likes. Zuckerburg's always watching.

• Here at Athlon, we're rooting for Mark Sanchez to play as much as possible, purely for the entertainment value. Here's Sanchez's 2012 season in GIFs, including the immortal buttfumble.

• In 2013, the joy of football is always tempered by the dark concussion cloud. In the wake of the NFL settlement yesterday, Jim McMahon talked about his own dementia and thoughts of suicide. Sorry for the buzzkill; now back to our regular programming. Here are 20 great drunk moments in sports!

• Geography fail and anti-Southern bias rolled into one: The New York Post thinks North Carolina and South Carolina are in-state rivals.

So did Tim Tebow earn a job last night?

• One of the highlights of USC's lackluster win over Hawaii: The Warriors quarterback absolutely lighting up a hapless Trojan defender.

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