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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: February 6, 2014


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for Feb. 6.

Maria Sharapova is attempting to put a happy face on her hometown of Sochi. It's a nice start, I have to say.

• Ready or not, the Sochi Games are underway. Here's a handy introduction to the American team courtesy of SI.

• Fun with language barriers: People in Sochi keep tweeting pictures of menus that say "in the ass." Somebody get them some decent translation software, stat. Here's a larger rundown of misadventures in Putin's paradise.

Athlon's Braden Gall runs down Signing Day's winners and losers. Winners: SEC. Losers: Not SEC.

Rod Stewart and Pacman Jones pose poolside. That is all.

• Nothing can move us quite like sports. Here are 25 shots of fans being moved to tears by what they're watching.

• Speaking of being moved to tears by insignificant things, Sandra Bullock got choked up while saying goodbye to Jay Leno.

• Today's public service announcement: Phrases you should never search for on YouTube.

Seattle's 12th Man held a Moment of Loudness at 12:12. I must admit, 700,000 people can get loud.

• Holy cow. They really commit to their prank videos in Japan.

• Fireball whiskey joins Skittles among things that Marshawn Lynch enjoys.

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