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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: January 10, 2014


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for Jan. 10.

• A line I never thought I'd write: Presenting the hot women of curling. Hot enough to melt the ice, in fact.

• Note to NFL GMs: Dipping into the college ranks for coaches can work, even if Saban and Spurrier were failures. The 10 most successful college coaches who turned pro.

Kevin Durant tweeted a photo of himself smoking from a hookah, then deleted it and claimed he was hacked. Dude, hookahs are legal. Don't act guilty if you're not.

An in-depth story on Greg Maddux on the occasion of his Hall call. Random observation: The Professor's grown a couple chins in retirement. 

Northwestern unveiled some player-designed custom unis. Gotta be honest: pretty hideous. 

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• I'm not a big fan of trash talk. Unless it's good. Like these.

• From the "Do as I say, not as I do" files: The BBWAA vice president is outed as a hypocrite over the Dan Le Batard situation. More Hall of Fame stuff: An interesting article on how to fix a broken voting system. Still more: Newly minted Hall of Famer Tom Glavine's house could be yours. A cozy 10,000 square feet.

• The headline says it all: What the hell is Bill Walton talking about?

• Twitter is both a blessing and a curse. Here's the blessing part: The funniest tweets of the week.

• I don't know much about hockey, but even I know that you can't play the puck from the penalty box.

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