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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: July 12, 2013


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for July 11.

• I have no idea whether Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is any good at hurdling. Nor do I really care, if she continues to post Instagram photos like this one. In case you've forgotten, Ms. Jenneke is famous for doing this.

A minor Twitter war broke out between Ole Miss bad boy Marshall Henderson and Fox's Erin Andrews. No surprise; Gator fans just don't like the guy.

I missed Sharknado, but apparently it's the Citizen Kane of the flying-sharks-attack-Los-Angeles genre.

• This is a fun category: Sideline reporters getting utterly destroyed while trying to do their (pretty useless) jobs.

• Sure, West Virginia fans burn couches and LA, Detroit and Miami fans riot when their team wins a championship, but there are no crazies like soccer crazies. Here are the 10 most insane acts of soccer violence.

Sports pictures that will make you go, "Whaaa...?"

Georgia is withholding its "Aaron Murray for Heisman" campaign — for now.

Here's a ranking of the best SEC cities for sports fans, 1-14, that's sure to cause controversy. Nashville is No. 14, for starters. Speaking of SEC rankings, here's a look at the best and worst coaches

• Some say that Anderson Silva took a dive in losing his UFC title to Chris Weidman. I don't know; he seems pretty upset to me.

• One lone Titans fan camped out to secure his tickets. Fortunately, an intrepid TV reporter woke him up and interviewed him.

• Torii Hunter was rather coy during his postgame interview following a testy Tigers-White Sox game.

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