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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: July 2, 2013


July 2

• Remember that hot UCLA girl who caught the eye of the camerman during the College World Series? She may be cashing in. More power to her.

• Here's one that's sure to spark a reaction, especially among Michigan fans: The 10 most iconic college football uniforms.

This proves that people will go to creative lengths to smuggle their booze into a stadium.

The Jags are apparently going to try to draw people to their stadium by giving them something other than the Jags to watch. Hey, whatever it takes.

The Butler bulldog had to undergo a rigorous (and adorable) training regimen to prepare for life in the Big East.

I'd say that Mark Stoops is recruiting aggressively, if 182 letters to one recruit in one day counts as aggressive.

Apparently, Cam Newton would rather be hit by a fast-moving 300-pound D-tackle than a tiny fast-moving baseball.

A gallery of stuff thrown by fans, from chairs to flares to phallic balloons.

Photos have surfaced of Alabama's new locker room. Call me when they install the waterfall.

• Speaking of Alabama, wanna see defensive coordinator Kirby Smart posing with a frighteningly huge snake he killed? Of course you do.

Running Vandelay Industries doesn't prevent Art Vandelay from enjoying the occasional Mets game.

• Yasiel Puig has more hits in his first month than anyone in baseball history not named Joe DiMaggio. Here are the video highlights of Puig's epic ascent to superstardom.

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