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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: July 29, 2013


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for July 29.

• Brandt Snedeker won the RBC Canadian Open this weekend, but he was careful to share credit with Kandi Mahan, who went into labor and prompted hubby Hunter to withdraw with the 36-hole lead. Here are some pictures of Kandi in her pre-pregnancy, Dallas Cowboy cheerleader days.

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• The Offseason of Johnny Football continues. He showed up at a Texas frat party, where he was not welcome. He then had a classic drop-the-mic-like-Kanye moment on Twitter where he basically scoreboarded a hater.

Terrelle Pryor says he "never really knew how to throw a football before" working with his coaches in Oakland. Good work, Jim Tressel.

Coach Cal has launched his own clothing line. I have no doubts that it will succeed; the guy could sell sand in the Sahara.

• Deadspin has been documenting the activities of bored baseball fans at big-league parks this season — knitting, solitaire, reading. But this chick wins.

This is a hilarious genre: Horrendous TV dubs and edits. Yipee ki yay, Mr. Falcon.

Superstar athletes and their rock-star equivalents. I like the Ryan Lochte-Jessica Simpson comparison.

• Anthony Weiner's sexting partner did a bikini shoot. The results were … underwhelming. Hope it was worth it, Weiner.

Rex Ryan probably shares the sentiment of this fan's T-shirt.

Jonathan Papelbon didn't sign up for this. At least he has his $50 million to console him.

• Move over, Reggie: This six-year-old kid saw five pitches in a game and launched all five into the parking lot.

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