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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: July 9, 2014


This is your daily links roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for July 9:

• In honor of Germany's historic 7-1 beatdown of Brazil, enjoy this slideshow of German superfans.

Prince Fielder Body Issue photoshops yield Internet gold.

• Brazilians waxed: Germany's first-half explosion took out the host country at the World Cup. While it was happening, one kid captured the mood of an entire nation.

Newspapers in Brazil did their best to capture the shock and awe.

• This is hilarious: An anti-gambling ad backfires with Germany's huge win.

• Schadenfreude alert: As the rout grew, so did the audience.

College football's All-Freak Team: physical anomalies at every position.

• Irony, or something: A guy who wrote a book on surviving the Running of the Bulls unscathed has been gored at the Running of the Bulls.

Advanced stats have made their way to Ultimate Frisbee. What's next, calculating WAR for duck-duck-goose?

• Have a hankering for a two-foot taco? The Rangers got you covered.

• Germany's goals get the Jim Ross treatment.

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