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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: November 5, 2014


This is your daily links roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for Nov. 5:

• Brains, beauty, brawn: Chrissy Blair of UFC has all of the above.

This year's Miss Oklahoma has a little too much mileage for my taste.

Jameis Winston's lawyer tweeted out the name of his accuser.

Gerald Green of the Suns dunked all over the Lakers last night. Well, at least Kobe's still around.

• Today's least shocking confession: A-Rod admitted to the DEA that he used steroids from that fake Miami doctor.

The new season of Celebrity Apprentice will include T.O. and Johnny Damon. At least they're getting serious with that show.

• If this is your thing, here's a map of where weed is now legal.

A Drake University student who's terrible at basketball won a truck by making baskets.

Brandon Knight's panicked mid-air pass to no one was a thing of beauty.

• Unsettling headline of the day: The NFL's Oldest Cheerleader Raped a Teenager She Met On Instagram.

• Watch a pretty one-hander by Vladimir Tarasenko.

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