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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: October 15, 2013


This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Oct. 15.

• It's Tuesday, the start of that dreadful two-day no-man's land with no football. Here's a cheerleader gallery from college football's Week 7 to make the wait a little more bearable.

• The highlights of last night's baseball game: a Yasiel Puig triple that started with a home run pose; and a fan dressed as a bear dancing on the visiting dugout. For their part, the Cardinals were not amused by Puig's antics, nor those of his teammates.

• From Yasiel and the Dancing Bear to Torii and the Cop: Here's the inside story of the sports photo of the year.

The Tigers could win the World Series while playing terrible defense. I've always contended that defense in baseball is overrated, so I guess I'm rooting for the Tigers to prove me right.

• Yesterday was big for bear news. You probably saw the video of the bear playing tetherball. It gets even better when you learn the bear's backstory.

The Week 6 edition of Sorry Your Team Lost. I like this line: "The Titans are like that stupid Imagine Dragons song. No one I know actually likes them and neither of them are entertaining, but for some reason you can't get away from them or stop hearing about them."

A bird attack temporarily derailed the signing of Manu Ginobili's new contract. Bird must've been a Hawks fan, amirite?

• I'm glad somebody noticed this: Young Rob Ryan was a dead ringer for Kenny Powers.

It's a history-making week in the SEC.

• Another day, another Les Miles video. In this one, our hero wishes us a Happy Columbus Day, as only Les Miles can.

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