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Bill Simmons Claims ESPN Hijacked His Ideas After His Depature


Bill Simmons isn't with ESPN anymore, but that doesn't that stop him from talking about the worldwide leader.

Simmons is hard at work with his podcasts and new digital venture, The Ringer, but are many times when he will stop what he's doing just to mention how he's being screwed over by ESPN. He's called out many of the people still employed by the major outlet, from Ray Lewis to the morning show "Mike & Mike". Simmons may be one of the entity's most outspoken former employees along with Fox Sports talking head, Colin Cowherd.

The Ringer creator just wants everyone to know that he's making a list (and checking it twice) to keep track of all the brilliant ideas that ESPN steals from him and former site, Grantland.

Fans on twitter complain Simmons is coming across as bitter but perhaps he just wants to show ESPN that he doesn't need them anymore.